Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The housekeeping gal came today and cleaned all my windows---and I mean she cleaned them--she probably used a half bottle of Windex---about killed me with the scent and chemicals in the Windex---BUT--I sure can see the world in a lot clearer/cleaner  "window" now!!!!!!!!!!!
AND--one decision has been "finally" made--that to the best of my knowledge---
( I mean someone has to keep an eye on Little sister--and teach her how to quilt!!)
After lunch they came and put in my AC--it goes in the middle window of the three in the living room!!!  So now I can be "cool" while I look at the world go by????
Oh--you ask "what happened to me yesterday???"
Well--it's really funny actually---
I got on here and on my site and was blog hopping and ended up on some decorating sites and then I remembered that I wanted to look at styles and colors of curtains and----
did not realize the time--until it way past my--
bed time---so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday--Anne and I took the day off from quilting--we had to deliver her daughters cat to her house as she was at work--
Then we went out to lunch--
We had a nice quiet lunch and listened to a water falls--from the porch at the eatery we only saw this--
But you could hear the falls---I did walk up the road alittle bit and there was a bridge over the creek and there was a smaller water falls--
so got a picture for you---and for all you "mushroom" fans out there here is a cute picture for you--
I wonder if they are the eatable kind??????????????
the rest of the day was ---laundry!!!
Last night when I went to pull the blinds done this is what I seen--
the sky was a really neat color--a little more teal color than what it show here---in the process of trying to get this picture---I got these---
It is "weird" how the same picture can come out so many different ways!!!!
Oh--now you want to know if I have gotten any work done---
AH---not really---
Just another knitted baby hat for the hospital--so I got my challenge done for there this month--but boy am I behind on other things!!!!
What's thta you say???????
Yep--you are right there is always tomorrow!!!

Oh---are you ready for this one????
I did it---signed up for the --
Christmas challenge---I am always so unprepared gift wise at Christmas for friends and seeing how my friends list keeps growing--I really need to get a head start on it---so why not join and have some "fun" and hopefully doing Christmas through the summer will help keep us in cool thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well that's it for tonight --folks---I will be back---------------------------
Hugs, Di


  1. what a lovely day, I love reading your blog, I almost feel as though I am there with you as you tell the story. Oh, and those mushrooms...I honestly have never seen anything like it before,they are so pretty, thankyou for sharing your day!!

  2. I wouldn't move either if all my windows were clean and someone else made them that way! Fabulous!
    Love the moon pictures too!
    Hugs to you sweetness!

  3. It sounds like you had a lovely day, and I'm so glad you don't have to go through the misery of moving.

  4. You mean windows are supposed to get washed?!?! I'll have to try that sometime. Glad you had a nice today, thanks for sharing all your pictures.

  5. So glad you got your A/C! Definitely necessary these days! And I'm also glad you're not moving, at least that you don't have to pack and unpack.

    Blog hopping can really take up some time, can't it? I love it though! :-) Jen

  6. Hi Diane, Sounds like you had a busy but enjoyableday. Glad you got A/C it makes everything more bearable. Wish I had one in my sewing room which is in the upstairs of the house-hot!!!
    So glad you aren't moving as well. So stressful.
    I'm in on the Christmas Challenge,too.

  7. Rarely do windows but IF i do only use a chamois and water. Bets smelly windex.

    I am so pleased you are not moving and staying close to little Sis.

    Thank you for my lovely outing today, beautiful pictures and lunch.

    As you are getting ready for Summer we are rugging up here. Wet and windy today.

  8. Can I borrow your window cleaning lady???? Please, please, please!!! I love the mushrooms, we have some in our yard right now, but they are very blah!! L,A-


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