Thursday, May 13, 2010

DON'T TELL!!!!!!

SEE you already "telling" someone---
the Sun actually was out this morning for awhile and boy did it feel good--Thank you Sunshine--be sure to come back real sooooon and stay awhile!!!!!

TEA---I have never heard of this brand before--but I got lots now---
This neat box is nearly full---
This box is full--see that one flavor there---Banana Carmel---WHO would like to come and visit ME and we will try that one!!!!
I even have a fancy little "pot" to make it in or for loose tea!!!!
I am ready!!!
Went down to give Daughter Mary a  hug and she gave me all of My Mary's tea collection--I even have some pretty tea cups and saucers we can use--someplace???

On the sewing front--
I got three BOM;s blocks prepped first--these are mostly applique--
then worked on round robin borders--
Make sure I got the "recipe" down correctly--then all the half squared triangles are all sewed--before time seem to run out!!!
Started hand quilting last months Schnibbles and am working right along on embroidering the newest cat block!!!

Joke time---
After mass one day, my 7 yr old son, Ryan, saw a plaque on the wall that had a list of names with an American flag beside each.
He asked the priest, "Who are these people?" 
Father Frank answered, " These are the people who died in the service."
Ryan asked, "Which service?  The 9 am or the 11:30 am one????"
          (Kim Greenberg, IN)     LOL

That's all for tonight -- Folks!!!
See ya tomorrow (if we are not having T-storms????)
Hugs, Di


  1. Thank you for the invitation to tea. Will be there as soon as I have booked a flight. LOL

    Oh don't remind me about the cat block,): must get No2 done.

  2. You got further on your ribbon stars than me! But I may still get some cut out tonight if I am quick.... :)

    And yes, I am coming for tea too!

  3. Mmm! Cider apple and cinnamon sounds good!
    We had sunshine yesterday, too. I sat outside knitting and sewing. Guess who got sunburnt....

  4. I don't drink tea but did see a similar box of tea around Christmas time last year. I almost bought it just for the wooden box lol. Hubby drinks tea so it wouldn't have been a total waste but I did manage to pass it by. I'll probably buy it if I come across it again. I love wooden boxes for storing hand sewing projects, etc.

  5. Love tea parties and that tea is very good. I have some and love it all.

  6. Such a fun post! What a great box of tea!

    Have fun sewing your BOM blocks!

  7. Hmm--banana caramel sounds good and I am usually a coffee drinker. You and Joy are both wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead of me on the round robin. I guess I had better get busy!

  8. Hi Di, Just dropped by ,love to come to tea. I love herbal teas so I'm sure these would be wonderful.
    Alittle far from Nova Scotia but you never know maybe someday.....


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