Saturday, May 22, 2010


HELLOOOOO----Di---are you there?????
I know you are there---speak up will you--I can't seem to hear you?????/
Di---are you "monkeyin" around again?????
Your "fans" are waiting for you!!!!  One day of being missing in "action" is one too many--so get back on track--do you hear me?????
I tried--maybe she will obey me--then again??????

OK--time for some goodies---only there is no fabric--no applique--no quilting--no knitting to show you tonight---
Yesterday was lost to "tiredness"--sorry--but a trip to the Library and then shopping for a couple hours---for some reason--gave me a migraine---I seem to be getting them more often--like ever since "little sister" moved in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and today she even had the "nerve" to make me get out of bed 'extra" early to go to a yard sale that was in walking distance for us----I did not find any thing there--except these to photo!!!

Are these not just beautiful!!!

then we stopped by a small church thrift store and she actually found me a really nice--in fact they are "new" jeans and I found a top--the lady only wanted to charge me a quarter--but I made her take a whole dollar for them---then we went and seen the "guys' at the new antique shop--I did find a couple things there--
This really neat old pitcher--my one plant liked it and has adopted it for a new look!!!
this old "chamber pot"--love that blue design---I do need to separate some of these plants though--there are too many in there--tomorrow--
*************************NO WAIT***********
Tomorrow I do have some "fun" plans --planned--
WHAT?????  You ask?????
Well--pop in tomorrow and I will tell you all about it--and if I remember --I might even take some photos to share!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. Love all your treasures. The flowers are beautiful. I love yard sales and thrift stores. Looking forward to see what you are doing tomorrow!

  2. Hi Di! I hope your headache is gone> Migraines are so miserable. I love your chamberpot! Looking forward to see what tomorrow brings.

  3. Beautiful pictures of the lupine. I wish the bloom lasted longer. Mine seem to go so quickly Nola

  4. Hope your head feels better...grat finds!

  5. Love the pretty purple flowers and all of your pretty new flower pots. Hope the migraine gets better soon! L,A-

  6. Hope the headache has passed.
    I love the greens and the flowers; specially the lupines:) Love your cheerfull blog!

  7. Hope your head is better! Well, fancy that - no work to be shown! (giggle)
    Nice pics of flowers - my garden is showing a lot of yellow :(
    Have a lovely day, Di.

  8. Enjoy your days!! I love your decor...wonderful.

  9. Hi Di, What are "little sisters" for but to annoy us sometimes Not really. You found some good bargains. Yeah,on the jeans,I love it when that happens.And the chamber pot is great! Enjoy shopping today.

  10. The flowers are just beautiful....and loved all your great finds..

  11. I'm the "little sister" and my big sister is hours ahead of me energy wise. I'm definately not a morning person but then she's not a night owl either.


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