Sunday, May 23, 2010


HELLO---boy wait til you hear this---
We just got some...
dirt on "Di"...........
When she gets any "extra" money we need to --

Put a ball and chain on her and keep her locked up!!!!

CAUSE---other wise she goes shopping-- and look where she went today---
To---fabric stores--yep more than one before she and her "partners in crime" got done for the day!!!
See there they are cooking up the next stop more than likely!!!!
this shop in Candor NY had a nice 20% off sale today--OH--another thing--do not say the word --sale and fabric in the same sentence if "Di" is around!!!!
This shop has an adorable dog--named Bailey--whose stash fabric is that in the picture--I won't tell!!!!
Bailey worked so hard helping me pick out fabric that he had to have a nap!!!
Before we  start on the fabric haul--here is some basic's that she needed--there is several stencils in the pile they had some that were different from the local shop--so they came to join the stencil stash!!!
Believe it or not--these are a start for a quilt for Chmas giving---now I will not say which Chmas--but am hoping for this one?????
Just liked these--soooo
More nice ones for my 30's stash!!!
they had the cutest table runner made out of this fabric--so seeing I do red,black,white in the kitchen--I thought-----

found these while the sales lady was ringing me up--thought they were just great basics -- I guess--at least that sounded like a good reason to get them!!!!

I really like this line--and I found 3 colors that I did not have--

The fabric on the left is a couple yards--just liked it--might be a nice backing fabric???
the two greens I got at the second shop we stopped at!!

Two of these pieces came from the second shop and the top one came from the first shop--got yard and a halfs--these are for backgrounds!!!

Are we done yet????

Ahhhhh--looks like some one is saying--wait there's more---

there is tomorrow---yep--you all gotta wait until tomorrow for the rest of the story!!!
She really did not say "more" did she?????

Hugs, Di


  1. Hi Di, Great bargains. Oh did you find some wonderful treasures. Good for you. What better way for a pickme up when we've been sick or feeling down than retail therapy especially the fabric kind.
    there don't you feel more energized now?!
    Hugs ,Faye

  2. Love those black and whites...Looks like money well spent to me :)

  3. Oh, lovely Di! Wish I had been there, too.

  4. Great finds! A little retail therapy is a good thing.

  5. NICE!!! Looks like you had fun today!! L,A-


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