Saturday, May 29, 2010


MY Oh my--- what a mess my apartment is in!!!!!
I think at this point it would of been easier to actually have moved--then I could have an excuse why there is piles of --of---"things" piled to the ceiling in the sewing room---
The green wood rack you see in the back was out here in the livingroom--well actually it was in my "formal" dinning room---the table--oh--yes--there is a table under all that "stuff"--I mean under all my treasures--that was the dinning room table--but will have a new use now!!!!!
I have been purchasing some "new" items for my apartment---yesterday and today and they delivered it this afternoon--so now it is arranging the new items and then "unpacking" my treasures and giving them new homes---Oh are you all in for a "treat" as this new look comes alive!!!!!!!
But this also means very little sewing will get done this next week --- as I can not find the cutting table--the machines or much of anything else---
But--Me did get a Bom finished today--

Got the Flirting with Flowers block for May done--so am up to date now on those blocks from Tozz's blog site!!!

And two orders came in in the last couple days or so---
More delicious thread "candy" from Shell at The Raspberry Rabbit---actually I think I only order from her cause the "bunnies" always send me a dark chocolate raspberry chocolate---see it in the one package!!!!!  Actually---Shell does such a beautiful job in wrapping and presenting the order--that I can never wait to get an order from her!!

I gotta get busy on some projects using this pretty yummy colors!!!

Also got this order in--
Some tea towels to do some stitching on --- got these in mind for one of the Holiday projects over on Judith's site---that I joined!!!!
Needed to think "cool" thoughts today--was hot and muggy here all day--oh by the way--we never did get any of the T-storms nor any rain they said we were to get!!!!!
So as you are all enjoying those grilled hot dogs and picnic foods this week end -- think of me sweating and grunting and moving and lifting and wondering where to put it allllllllll----and then have lots of fun for me tooooo!!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. got lots of treasures :) Love your block from Flirting With Flowers...I love the colour of the flower :) You have been very busy Di and the threads look superb :)

  2. Your appliqued block is the threads...

    Looks like you are going to have a busy week-end...

  3. Your block looks great Di...nice treats in the much gear!

  4. I LOVE that block. That is gorgeous. I can't wait to see what all you do. Happy Memorial Day to you too.

  5. You've got a busy week ahead. Love the pretty appliqued block.

  6. Lots of pretties amongst all the work - I have some tidying to do, too!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  7. Your block is so cute!! How you found the time is amazing. And my dining room table looks exactly like that and the hallway leading into my sewing room and and and. L,A-

  8. Your Flirting with Flowers block is Gorgeous!! I love the colours you've used.

  9. Nice to "redecorate", isn't it? I'm planning a big clearing out, but at the moment there is a big strike on here and NO rubbish will be collected.
    Pretty block, Di - and those threads are yummy.

  10. While I am cleaning and rearranging the house I am not very happy. Once it is all cleaned and organized it feels great! It's almost like moving to a new house :)

  11. Lovely May block up there! Gosh, you must be really busy,but I`m sure you enjoy it all!! :)

  12. That bug block is adorably cute! Which blog is that BOM from, or did you order it?

  13. Your applique block is just darling! Happy Memorial Day to you


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