Sunday, May 16, 2010


I had a date with a very very handsome sexy man--Saturday night?????
Who says I don't "have" the "touch" yet????

What----is this----??????????????
OH NO not again---the story of my life--all my "men" turn into "frogs"---

OK--Di--you know you "hate" the color that the corner pieces on your bow tie faded out too--so---I am here to help you--your "prince charming of the Mr. Rip society"
Let's get busy----
This is the parts that had to come off the quilt top--and with in each of these four corners there was 5-6 bow-tie blocks that had to be removed--
See here is the pile that I "ripped" out with my charming prince's help!!!
this is the center part of the quilt-- I love this quilt!!!
Here is the "bad boy" fabric---that triangle piece in the top--faded to an --an--well--it's an ugly color for this quilt is all I can say--and I had a couple of the bow tie blocks fad out too--removed the two of them---these fabrics where probably a burgundy to start with---but I got them at walmart or joann's and my ironizor on the wall that I have to run 24 hours a day--fads these "stores" fabrics out really bad--that is one reason I now only buy Quilt shop fabrics!!!!
It took Mr Frog and I, 3 hours to do this job--what an exciting way to spend a Saturday night??????

Now this is  a picture of my dinning room table after cleaning in the sewing room all week end---
Oh my---what will I do with this mess---?????????

Guess I will have to sleep on that "problem" for tonight!!!!!
Hugs, Di
No--Mack--I did not say--Kisses---I said --"Hugs"---besides --that is not my lipstick on your cheek --- you see Mack--I don't wear any----???????????


  1. Ohhh, your table looks like a candy store to me. I have so many things that I don't know where to store. I'd like to leave more of them out so I can enjoy them, but a person has only so much room!

  2. Your table has a lot of good ideas - I'm going to get some big glass jars to store things in ... look so inviting.

  3. Your bowtie quilt is looking good. Those fabrics definitely needed to go. I don't care for froggin' but sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do...

  4. I agree with the first comment....Candy store it is...and what a fun way to spend an evening. You got alot done!!!

  5. He's no frog,he's a solid gold keeper! It's wonderful to have a partner to share our "passions" with be it sewing ,carpentry,golf,or....
    Don't worry about the quilt the main part is great. The rest,you will figure out.

  6. Your dining room table looks a lot more fun than mine. It is full of everything. Never food! Can't wait to see the new and improved bowtie quilt.


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