Monday, May 17, 2010


It seems every "job" I did today was a "stinky" one---

Was laundry--you don't want to think that your clothes "smell"--but?????
Second job--

Taking out the garbage and the recycle things--again--you do not sometimes think "your" garbage doesn't "smell" until you go to pull the bag out of the can and then you "realize" this was yesterdays job!!!!!
Needed to run the vac cleaner---well--it was not doing it's thing properly--so it was blowing dust--smelly stuff all over the apartment--I did find one hose was  "full" and blocked of dust and threads(!!!!)  so I got out some tools and pulled it all out--it is working some better---but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I went outside for some fresh air---that was a "joke"--and here is why????/
I am standing on a railroad track--just out side the fenced area to our back yard--
Facing south from that track is this end of our apartments and this is the end where I live---
Now standing in that same spot but turned around and facing North is our---yep--is our "sewer" treatment plant!!!!  Yes it is in our back yard literally!!!!  and today was one of there treatment heavy days---STINK is what was in the air!!!!!
Guess what I cooked for supper tonight????    Fish!!!!!
SO--I must say it was a "fairly" stinky day!!!!!
On the Quilt news channel--
I did do this--
I got the next block--the one for May all done for the Snowbound bom--do you like that button on the snowman's head--I dropped it there and liked it so will keep it for there!!
The postman was nice to me today--
These two fabrics came in and they are for the two quilts I designed-- for the binding--decided I had better get the binding fabric so that in 10 years when it becomes there turn to be quilted the fabric will still be available!!!!!
Some how this "jumped" into the order too!!!! Now what to make with it??????

I did take some photos of the flowers that are out--here is one from a shrub like bush in the back yard--does any one know what it is?????

Hey--this "pup" looks good enough to eat!!!!
Hugs, Di
Trains--yes -- we have trains that run on that track couple times a day!!!


  1. OK--I just bought this cupcake cookbook that shows how to make those puppy cupcakes. Twilight zone!! Your block is very cute and anything but stinky!!! L,A-

  2. Wow - and I thought I had a stinky day. LOL! I love your BOM. I haven't even started that one yet.

  3. I got some Martinique in the male today too! Hope your day isn't as stinky tomorrow :)

  4. Hi Di,
    I allways enjoy reading your post and today is my turn to do stinky jobs (grrrrrrrrrrrrrr). Your lovely flower is a kind of Hydrangea
    Keep sewing & smiling

  5. You sure did have a stinky day Di but you did also get some nice mail and some projects done.

  6. I hope today isn't as stinky as yesterday for you.

  7. You are right, that was a stinky day but you but it ended well with fabrics...

  8. Monday is laundry and gather up garbage day for me too. Yuck. My son will take it out to the can outside and out to the street but I'm the one who has to organize the bags first. That shrub is a hydrangea? How very pretty.

  9. You really did have a stinky day that day, but it ended well. that's good. Hope tomorrow smells better!


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