Thursday, May 20, 2010


We had a beautiful sun shiny day here--it was warm and delightful--yet not muggy or too hot---just one of those perfect days!!!!

This is the pile I showed you yesterday and this is what it looks like now!!!
Two long rows of bow ties---it was a fun and easy row to do really---

Here is my Round Robin quilt so far----
today I got the two outer rows hand quilted and then sewed onto the quilt top--and the two rows of bow ties--once they are quilted will go on the top and bottom--it would be nice if---IF---if I could get them done tomorrow and then this one would be caught up till Monday---but I doubt that happens---oh well--there is always next week--
It has been hard taking the week ends off to clean and sort---but it will be sooo much better---whether I move or stay once it is done--and it will be all done before the real hot weather get here!!!!

I also got two more of May's boms prepped today--have three blocks to get done yet by the end of the month on those!!!

I think I need a New focus----so I am going to spend some time thinking about whether to adopt a little dog or--
a kitten--oh dear -- I think this one is calling my name--or is it saying--'don't adopt me---I will never get any attention as you always have "quilting" in your mind and on your lap!!!!!!!!

What's your vote for me---
( ok---I hear someone telling me to just get a "life"---funny!!!!)
Hugs, Di


  1. The round robin looks great! You are speeding right along. I vote for kitty! L,A-

  2. Boy you work fast! Love your Round Robin too. I vote for a cat. They love quilts and they love to help. If you put quilt pieces on the floor, or even on a table, they will arrange them for you. My cat used to even sleep on quilt patterns. Guess he was dreaming about fabrics to use.

  3. OK, I vote for fish lol. They don't eat your threads or steal your fabric and chew it up.

  4. My vote is for a kitten!! And I LOVE that round robin. I'm going to go find the directions for it and start one for myself. great work!

  5. You are a whiz at piecing fabric. How do you DO it so fast? Wow, I'm SO impressed. I do well to get a little teenie doll quilt together. You know which pet I'd vote for.

  6. The bow ties are impressive, really nice.Enjoyed my visit


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