Sunday, June 20, 2010


I got two more finishes done for the Christmas challenge by Judith!!!
Here is also my First Friday Freebie done--two finishes in one!!!
And here I used the new Wildflower thread from Caron I got --this one came out really cute and I liked the thread--so will be ordering some more---I discovered that winding them around these empty wood spools was a great way to use them and they will not tangle this way---as they come in a braid like skein!!!
"And so here is all four of my Christmas gifts I have made so far this month---
All dish towels--BUT--I am soooo excited to know that I have "4" gifts made---thank you Judith!!!!

Now for pictures of the Card Board boat races--
Traffic report----
See they got you coming and going!!!
this is the "scene" out side my window at around 2:00 pm--now some of these "guys" are a bit late for the actual race---but they are not here for that must be---I can't believe that we actually had two cars passing on the street with cars parked on each side of the street--did not think the street was wide enough?????  and if you look you can see cars parked across the street in the vacant lots---the Jefferson owns where 4 home used to be over there and had them torn down---so these guys turned it into a parking lot!!!

Now here is some pictures of after the races at about 6:30 pm---
This was the food vendor alley--
the park---
Here is where the boat launching took place---fairly cleaned up--compared to last year!!!!
And after all that work and duck tape and paint--here is the final results----
Oh dear me!!!!!!!

Now I do want to leave you with one more boat entry---
This is one for Devon---
Devon is only 16 yrs old and they have discovered he has cancer in his leg--he loves to play soccer---I believe the lady in the green shirt is his Mom--Devon has a teenage sister too--this is a sweet family and they do alot for the community and now are doing alot for the Cancer Asst.   He attends our local High School!!!

Well--my plans did not work out to what I had planned for the week end---but I did get stitching and quilting done while watching all the action out the window yesterday--and today I just stitched some more from the rocking chair--stitching is good right???????????????

Hugs,. Di


  1. Aren't you lucky that they only have the races once a year. Noisy and a big mess.

    How sad is that. Young Devon having cancer.

  2. Di, is that Port Jefferson? And is that a hotel in the background? Can't remember the name of it but it looks like a place we stayed in on our holiday last year. Rotten news for Devon and his family. I hope all goes well. Life can be very unfair sometimes.

  3. So there are really 1001 things to do with duct tape. What a mess! That is sad about Devon; but hopefully he will still be able to play soccer. Your stitching is gorgeous as always! L,A-

  4. Hi sweetness.
    Looks like a huge mess to clean up, but lots of fun for a day. Hope Devon does ok. Poor kid.
    Love your stitchies! You get so much done in a day.
    Hugs to you!

  5. Oh goodness..looks a bit messy but I am sure loads of fun too.
    Sad about Devon sure hope he can pull out of it.
    You got a goodly bit done my dear. Love those towels.
    YEE HAW! for early gifties to set back!

  6. I want to be on your Christmas list.


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