Friday, June 11, 2010


NO---NO---Please don't add any more to "us"--we are getting really "crushed" and "squashed" in here and it is getting real hard to breathe in here--the air is "not" fresh that is for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you tell I did not do the Laundry again today???????

But---I got to sew all day in my new (sorta new--still needs some work--but????)
Sewing room----and this is what came out at 6 pm this evening---
Miss "B" is soooo excited--she said to tell you that there is "rewards" for being kind to others--she now has a quilt of her very own and this one is bigger and warmer than Miss Dolly's!!!!!
Yep--got the State Fair--Schnibbles for this month all done--now I hope to get it basted and hand quilted by July 1st!!!!!   I used Swanky by Chez Moi for Moda for this one---I do love the colors and how it all came out--and talk about a easy block and pattern--I can see me using this one again!!!!  (though I have to say I have enjoyed each one we have done so far and wouldn't mind making each one over again!!!)
I also got to listen to the birds sing all day--they love the trees right outside my window and the ironing board and sewing machine are right there!!!!

Mail Call---again---
got this fabric order in--
These two out of the order I am keeping--the little bear just might make a cute backing on one of the new doll quilts---and the large black and white plaid will probably be a table cloth for the new dinning room!!!
this pile I got for my friend Anne for her baby and hospice quilts---the two on the bottom row are panels--Anne stopped by for a minute today so I was able to give them to her already!!!
When I went to do a quilt design on the doll quilt I could find only one small enough that I had--and stencils are hard to find in the quilt shops around here--so Kathleen Tracy had told of a Stencil place where we could order small block stencils from--so I looked it up---Unfortunately their shipping was really high--plus it is here in NY so that meant I had to pay sales tax on the order--that all came to too much--so I goggled stencils and found this company-
They were very quick in getting the order out--their shipping was the lowest of the companys I found --they have a nice selection of all sizes and alot of the ones I wanted were on sale--sooooo---
I ordered some--Here is one of the 2" stencils--there is 6 designs on this sheet for $1.69--yep--only $1.69!!!!  You can not beat that--I don't think!!!!   I got a nice selection of 2" and 3" ones and a couple border ones and one large 7" one that I just liked---gotta always order something just for fun---OH--and they are made in the USA!!
So go stencil shopping this week end in your PJ's!!!!!!

Well you all have a great week end and have some fun toooooo!!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. Very, very pretty!If speed quilting was a sport I think you would win the gold.L,A-

  2. Your State Fair looks great! This was such an easy pattern to work on this month. It went nice and fast.

    I thought the black and white fabric was a table cloth lol.

  3. Wow, love the templates :) They will keep you busy!! And I love Miss B's quilt too :) So cute!

  4. I have shopped in my pjs today, and found just the border stencil I need.


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