Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So maybe you need to be careful how "close" you get to my face!!!!
(But then you are a cutie--sooo!!!!!)


I am really not sure why I feel kinda "out" of it--I feel like I am really "mad" at someone or something---but only a couple little things comes to mind---so ---- I will just come to terms with it and spend some time with all my blog friends--then I will feel better!!!!
( and if that doesn't work---I may just have to do some online shopping with the few dollars I have left for the month!!!!!!!)


It was Tuesday--and friend Anne's day to come---we did quilt this morning and I worked some more on the State Fair--but it still has alot of work to do on it yet!!!
And we did go over town for lunch and had toasted cheese sandwiches!!!

then this afternoon I realized that if there was only about 8 days left of the month and I had been concentrated on what sewing I needed to finish--when I realized I was behind on my baby hats---so I grabbed the knitting needles and finished #2 for the month and started #3--
then I also went into the sewing room and basted the Doll quilt--
and picked out the stencils for it for the hand quilting part--that really was not an easy job---K.Tracy mostly did a cross "x" in each square--but I think it needs something else--yet I think I want it to look 'authentic' and I doubt the little girls who made these did fancy designs---so what is today's "girl" suppose to do?????

NOW--while in there I decided I needed to open the 2nd bedroom window--so instead of getting up and opening it --- I just reached up and pulled it up--- and down came this--
My thread rack that had hung in between the two windows--so later after the basting was done---I played "pick up" thread and bobbins--and I was a bad girl and just left them!!!!!!!!!!!!  there is always tomorrow to resort and put them back on the rack!!!


Tonight while Little sister was doing her weekly post (using my computer) I did start on applique for a row I am adding to my Round Robin quilt--
I am applique'n two bunny's on each strip--plus some other designs and will be doing some embroidery work on this strip too!!!

so no "finishes" for today--but some "progress" towards those ends!!!

Are you ready---go to here--di-workbaskettimecard.blogspot.com  to sign up and for the details---time for some fun!!!!

You all have a great Wednesday--keep "cool"---!!!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. Those spools will be right there tomorrow, and they will wait! Time to sew a little and make yourself feel better.

  2. Sounds like you have managed to channel your grumpiness into some serious productivity. Hope it made you a little less grumpy. Especially since it all looks great!! L,A-

  3. Iknow why you're grumpy! It's because the ice cream was chunkless. It's going to affect you for a long time. But you sure get a lot done when you're grumpy. Hope tomorrow is more cheerful.

  4. Love the bunnies... I am grumpy too and think I will go take a nap.. and hope I will be less grumpy afterwards :)

  5. Oh my the 'crankies' must be going around . was a few others that had them too.
    Hope I did not catch them too!!
    I tell ya with our heat here would be easy to do!!!
    You still got lots done!!
    Now see I would have tripped on the thread, broke a hip, messed my pants... etc..snowballing! Hahaha!

  6. I always get grumpy just knowing that my days are getting shorter after the 21st. I love summer and could have it last forever.

  7. You had a nice day with your friend and also managed some sewing but I understand about being grumpy when things go wrong. You will have a better day today.

  8. You weren't feeling very well the other day. Maybe this is just the after effect of that. I've had days where I have woken up grumpy. I warn my family to stay clear of me and they have learned to listen lol.

    Hopefully today is a better day for you :)

  9. My goodness you are busy. Sometimes I wake up grumpy but other times I let him sleep *LOL* Okay, old joke. When I'm feeling grumpy I have to see what it is I'm "really" thinking about down deep. I woke up in a sweat the other night cause I was obviously dreaming about something that was bothering me but I couldn't remember my dream. Guess I dreamt it out cause I feel good now. Hope you have a happy day.

  10. I agree with Sunny. Your grumpy because you needed those chunks and they weren't there. However, you did manage to get lots of wonderful things done so at least you used your grumpiness for good things!
    Oh and you know I love the bunnies!
    Hugs to you sweetness!


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