Friday, June 18, 2010

I GOT A SECRET--------

Our Friend "Di" is gonna resign??????
Oh Dear--I think I better "listen" in on this one!!!!

No not from eating "ice cream" even though she sure would of liked some chunks in hers and don't forget the Hot fudge sauce!!!!
She says she is resigning form hanging curtains----
It has done her in --- and she is gettin "too" moldly to do this kind of work--up and down the ladder a dozen times!!!!
the before---
this has been the "look" for the last several months---
Big difference--(no the window is not crooked--Di's arms are soo tired she held the camera wrong--sorry!!!!)
Big difference!!!!  the sheers will be pulled back during the day---her friend-Anne--told her when she washed sheers she just hangs them up wet--so Di thought she would be "smart" and only dry them on low for 5 minutes then hang them right up---WELL--next time she will listen to her friend--and hang them up wet!!!!!  They were totally dry in the 5 minutes and they just do not iron--so she used her water spray bottle and "tried" to rewet them---but???????????????????

In the sewing news---
She got the first step of the sewing done for Kelly's quilt along---
and she had some "fun"---
She had one block come out totally "wonky"--luckily she had some more --so she made another block!!!
She wants to know--"who" sewed these three brown ones all in one strip---they are suppose to be mixed up colors!!!!! ( She decided to leave it and call it her "Amish" mistake!!!!)
These are all done---
these blocks are all done--so we are right on schedule here---

Yep--got another thing to share with you---
Di is way tired---so she is gonna get her "pillow" and -----whoops---
She was gonna go get the pillow and relax---maybe she will go get some of the "Chunkless" ice cream instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again for all the giggles in the comments---tomorrow I will email Friendlys--I am making no 'sense" tonight!!!!!!



  1. Your curtains look so pretty and I love your amish blocks :) You have a good rest now and dont over do it. Thats some more of that icecream :) hugs Vicki

  2. Your curtains look great and I love the fabric you are using in your quilt along!

  3. The curtains look great! I love to be able to open up the curtains and let the sun shine in but I also like to close them tight and close out the world lol.

  4. love your new look curtains. Like you I also hate making or hanging curtains.

    Hope you had a good sleep.

  5. You have been very busy again I see. The curtains are lovely and so is the quilt along. I am afraid I may have to make one of those. Ahhhh!!!! Maybe I just need to eat more ice cream to be faster. L,A-

  6. Your blocks look great! I haven't started mine yet. Maybe on Sunday or Monday night. I have one more night shift to work tonight them I'm off for a couple of days. I love the pictures you took at the lake. Amazing!!!

  7. I'm with you..curtain hanging is a major pain in the batooty!
    They look really pretty though. ;)


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