Monday, June 7, 2010


I want to know "who" turned off "summer"??????
Saturday you had to wear your "bikini"
today I had to put my long pants on---socks on--and close all the windows even!!!
and the temps for this week are---68-73 degrees for the whole week---ouch---may have to get out the winter coat!!!!!!
Lost two new books of stamps!!!!
So---that meant "Di" had to take a break today and do some cleaning and organizing of her office things---and she did find them--thankfully--there is nearly $20 here in the two books of stamps---and now I have the office reset up--so I accomplished something!!!!
I also got this far on a bom--
It is the Sentimental Journey block from the Raspberry Rabbit---I used three of the Valandi new threads I got from her to do this months---now to finish it off--think I know how I am going to do that!!!!
Also from Michelle--
I got this pattern stitched---I just love it---but now I have to decide whether to make it into a pillow for my bed or a wall picture and frame it?????  also used the new thread for this!!!
Mail call--
Found a new online shop---called "old Country store fabrics" and I love their prices!!
Plus I must be in a  Fall mood--as you can see this is on the Fall side again--but I just love those watering cans!!!!  Also got the green to go with this one--thought it might go quickly and there is alot of it in the fabric---sooooo???????
I got this fat quarter pack---can any one guess why???????????
And the "bestest" is for the last tonight---
I got my first doll quilt all done---I did this all by hand---it took about 3 long days--but I just love it--I used two of the new Civil war prints I got a couple weeks ago-- it measures 14x14 inches-- and it will be perfect in the living room or where ever it ends up---this was the free challenge I told you about---haven't gotten the other one in the mail yet---but that is ok---there is always things to make----

I did get some prep work done today--3 bom blocks are ready--and I did some tracing of designs on some towels for the Christmas challenge---oh and when I cleaned my office things I found the perfect notebook to use for my Christmas Challenge Journal--so it does pay to clean and rearrange now and then!!!!!!
I recently ran into the woman who used to clean our house and was surprised to hear that she was still at it, despite her advanced age.
"How do you manage it?" I asked.
She explained her secret: " I just keep clients who can't see the dirt any better than I can."!!!!!!!
This is really me---I can not see the dirt---No I mean the dust bunnies---I am too busy with my eyes and nose on the next sewing project!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. I wish I had your nice cool weather. I am so hot. You have gotten a lot done. And very fabrics. You are gearing up for the fall challenge aren't you??? Please allow half finished projects because I have a lot of them. L,A-

  2. Your doll quilt is adorable!!
    We've gone from hot and humid to almost needing to put the heat back on too. Ouch!

  3. Hi Di, your doll quilt turned out great and I'm ready for a fall project myself. Cute fabric.

  4. I LOVE your doll quilt! And the weather sounds perfect to me - and perfect for quilting. Enjoy.

  5. Hi Di! Lovely doll quilt! And those fabrics are very nice. It's sunny and warm here - that is if you keep out of the very nippy north wind. Have a nice sewing day.

  6. Cool temps here too, Di.

    Great job on your doll quilt and love those CW fabrics!

  7. Love that doll fav colors!
    We have cooled down a bit also but I am glad we were too hot an humid too soon!
    I have a couple pieced Fall runners to finish up along with a scarecrow I want to do.

  8. Oh girl, come down here...summer is turned on full blast! Over 100 degrees, and 90's at night. Yuckola! Very pretty dollie quilt you made, and all by hand, wow!!

  9. I'm going to go check out that online store. Thanks for the heads up!

  10. Hi Di! You have been busy! Love your stitcheries and the doll quilt. It is chilly, isn't it? But I'm not complaining, I'm not a fan of the heat!

  11. Love how Gabriella turned out sweetness! Great job!


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