Thursday, June 17, 2010

STILL MISSING---------------

OK now this is not funny--gals---who ate all and I mean all my chocolate chunks??????
Had another dish last night---NO--chunks---so today I did a little "detective" work---
See this is the carton of ice cream after 2 bowls ---no chunks - yet???
I dug down into the middle with a spatula and looked--no chunks on this side---
Then I took spatula and dug down on the other side---NO CHUNKS!!!!!
It looks like I need to send Friendly's an SOS---where's my Chunks---lets see---now Robin might of took them--or Anne-Lise---or Mary---or ????????

For today's stitching report----
I mainly worked on the doll quilt--
There is still more to sew together and then hand quilt---but I am gonna be 'mean' and not show it again until it is all finished!!!!!!!!!!!  
I did start my quilt along quilt with Kelly--but did not get much sewed on it--Little sister showed up--sooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually walked down to the lake today (it is only about 100 yards or so from here??)
And I took some pictures----and I am so amazed at how beautiful they came out--so here goes---

There is more--but I do not want to bore you today---here is a momma and her 7 babies---I just love the details my camera picked up and the way the water looks and the colors reflecting off the water!!!!!

Now see this picture---
This is the little park at the end of the lake---and you need to keep an "eye" on this park this week end--cause there is to be some "happenings" here--so stayed tuned for "photos" from the now "crazy--famous--photographer---yours truly--Di"
Oh now here he is again---
" I though we pulled the 'plug' on this gal yesterday!!"

Hugs, Di
PS you all who "commented" yesterday--left in giggles---thanks I needed that--especially since "Fred" up there keeps trying to unplug me!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Call them :)

    My SO's mom got a box of free kitkat's because she got one that was solid chocolate... aka sans wafer! She told them she was disappointed and they sent her a sampler of all their bars and an apology letter.

  2. Mandy's right, you'll get some "free" coupons. Friendly's would want to know, Di!

    Love your doll quilt! And your pictures really are great!

  3. I'm sure Friendlys will make good on the lack of chunks in your ice cream. They don't want their customers to be disappointed in their products.

  4. Fred needs to get a life. What would we do without the continuing saga of the chunks. Hee hee! Love the doll quilt--you really have been working hard!! L,A-

  5. I promise that I didn't eat your chunks! Looked good, but I'm not doing ice cream at this time.

  6. Wasn't me either! But Tiffi has her guilty face on today .... oh, no - that was because she nicked the rest of my breakfast.
    Nan used to call raisins in fruitbuns "Angel visits" - few and far between,
    ask the manufacturer how many boxes you must buy for a visit?? Or maybe there is a box out there with only chunks in it - no icecream? You must investigate - buy more icecream!

  7. Complain for sure. They will make good! How can you Vienna Mocha CHUNK without the chunks?! Quality control was sleeping during that batch!

  8. I bet if you called them and told them to look at these photos and then described how your desparately dug through the carton with the spatula in search of your beloved chunks only to find nothing and your heart was broken, that they would send you some coupons for free cartons!
    Again are a total riot!
    By the way, looooooove them baby ducks! Great photos!

  9. Ok... I confess.... it was me..... I'm sorry..... I just couldn't help it - I hopped on a plane and headed over there and snuck in and ate it all and ...a

    hmmm.... I'd better get back to sewing :)

  10. I agree with the others. Complain!! But be nice about it.I promise,Di, i didn't eat if it had been caramel chunks,I would have to plead guilty. I cannot resist anything with caramel.
    what's going on this weekend at the park?
    don't make too much noise disturbing Mama duck and her babies.


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