Sunday, June 6, 2010


Wow--the week end is over nearly---so now it is back to the weekly routine---if you have one!!!!!
we were actually good---( or the sales were bad ones!!!!!)
Part way back home we had to sit a spell--we are sitting on a Church step here and I took this picture of another Church across the street--
No Little sister---we are suppose to be looking at a picture of the Church across the street????
There it is---neat old church---

We also seen these flowers on our walk around part of town--
we decided they must be a "favor" of peony's---what is your guess?????

OK--I know I have put it off long enough--
the very first sale we came to--they were just putting things out---brand new stuff alot of it was--all kinds of things and really cheap prices---but "my blog friends" had all reminded me that I had just "cleaned out and gotten rid of--so I was to be careful"-- so this is all I got--
Two cute bell snowmen--they are aged and old looking!!! total 50 cents--
one book for $1.00 (another sale)
this berry spray -- still in the packaging--25 cents---great deal--I love berry sprays !!
this ABC sign for $1.oo---and two books on Christmas ideas for $1 each--forgot to get there picture!!!--
The little basket was in a free box and the little star light was only 25 cents--
this pottery vase for 25 cents---
and at another sale I got this little table for $2.00--it is nice and solid and now holds my printer to the computer---I may put my CD player under it--but haven't measured it yet????
Believe it or not that is all I got---NO wait I forgot I did get a red and white stripped top that said original price $32.00 for a $1.00!!!!

But at Mail call I got two more patterns for my "wish to do list"!!!
two neat felt patterns--the lamb one I can make and put on the black table now--the other one is --of course--for Fall--but maybe if I start is now--just maybe it will be finished in time for Fall!!!!

I was going to do my Christmas Challenge again this year in August---but have discovered ( and even joined one) that there is several going on around blog land right now even---soooooo---
Maybe we will have to do a Fall Challenge????????? Please comment on this idea for me---thanks!!!!

I have gotten some work done--but forgot to iron them and take photos--so that is my homework for tomorrow!!!!
We have been having some "goofy" weather here--so that is another reason I have not been on here much--well--time to go---
Take care and---
Hugs, Di


  1. You were such a good girl. The snowmen are very cute. I have some half done fall things that need finishing. L,A-

  2. I just posted about my yard sale finds too! Too much fun. You got some great things! I enjoy your blog.

  3. Wow! What terrific bargains! I love those little snowmen.

  4. Even being good you came home with quite a haul. Garage sales are such fun.

  5. Gee Di you just can't help yourself when it comes to a bargain.LOL


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