Monday, July 12, 2010


I "believe" that Christmas came today for me---
LOOK at this table--
There is "6"--yep--6 packages here for me today---from the mail man--WOW!!!!
this is something I "ordered" to give at Christmas ---and that is all I am going to tell you for now--these will go into my Christmas box!!!

This next package was "totally" unexpected!!!!!!!!!!!!

This came from a Dear Blog friend--Alice--
There is four--yep--four AU magazines here--I mean I have 4 magazines to read and wish and think about doing projects in---love it!!!!
And two really pretty patterns--can't wait to have some time to make these--a cute cut of a cloth with my favorites on it--birds!!! and a couple Christmas cut-outs!!!
Thank you again for this "random" gift of love Alice!!!

The "two" different Winnings I won last month came in today too---

These "cute" kitty and doggie prints I won from the "string challenge" that Stephanie @ Loft creations held from January till end of June!!  I love all of them and it will be hard to part with them--but some will go into the new kitty or doggie beds that I am not making for the Humane Society!!

This package is a "winnings" from the Schnibbles Parade for June---and I am so "honored" that they are from Carrie at Miss Rosie's herself---the parade has been brought to us by Sinta and Sherri each month and they have done a "huge" and great job of it every month--what fun it has been!!!  So THANKS to all of you---Now I have my work cut out for me---what to make with this winnings????????

Now--today was kinda of a different day for me--
I did get a couple more blocks ( hand quilted) on the Kelly's quilt along--but then I did actually attend the Red Hat meeting and lunch today to my old group ( I was there "Queen Mum" for 4 years or so)--
This is the new Queen--this is her 2nd year now and you can see she is "laid" back about her "dressing-up" as I am!!!!
the one in the red shirt is our groups "clown"!!! and the lady on her right--our left was my Sunday School teacher when I was "little girl"!!!
This is Jean and I have always felt she is really the one who should be Queen--she just has the "regal" look about her and she always dresses the part beautifully!!!
The lady on the very end is Mother Alice and the one next to here is Daughter Alice!!!
Mother Alice was 90 in January--by the end of the year we will have 3 ladies whom are 90 years young and Jean will be next spring--wow!!!!!
And this is Bev--she can always find and wear the cutest T-Shirts that has something to do with Red Hatters!!!!!

"Our grandson, Lucas was 4 when my husband retired from his job as a truck driver.
He spent a weekend with us shortly afterward, and when he got home, he told his mother,  "Grandpa don't drive a truck anymore, He works for Grandma now.!!!!!!
                                          -Barb Hannabrass-VA-

Happy Stitching and tune in tomorrow for what was in the other "packages"????
Hugs, Di


  1. Looks like a great group of friends. Isn't it fun when packages come in the mail? Especially if they're unexpected!

  2. Glad you liked the goodies. I love the kitty and puppy prints. L,A-

  3. Your grandson is just too funny

    What a fun group...and what fun mail!

  4. All I got in the mail today was my city utility bill. Color me green with envy.

  5. Luv your parcels!!! And I got one yesterday too - THANK YOU!!! Love it all :)

  6. Dag girlfriend! You hit the mother load with all those goodies! I have magazine envy. ;)

  7. You seem to have a knack for getting some great things in the mail:)

    Looks like your group had great fun too:)

  8. Oh yes! Nice mail day for sure!!!
    Cute red hat ladies!
    Bet you are still curled up looking at those mags!!!


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