Wednesday, July 7, 2010



ARE you ready?????

I was "good" today and started mine--
This month I wanted to get back to doing some felt projects--
and I had seen someone else do this candle ring on their site and had fallen "head over heels" in love with it--so I ordered one here recently to do for this year!!!
And here is this afternoons start---have three out of the pumpkins stitched on so far--
the grid marks are actual strips in the fabric--I am using a heavy flannel fabric I found when I went to get some wool felt for this project--then I will stitch this to a piece of black wool felt when it is finished---and guess what--blog friends????
I actually was able to "locate" my regular wool tote easily tonight--wonder of allwonders!!!!!!!  I have picked up mostly mens suit jackets and then shrink them for the wool and cut them apart and the scarecrow in this pattern uses some on his outfit--so now the rest of this will be a "piece o cake"---yea--right--hu??????

there is five "crows" of us so far---hey that means it will be easier for each of you to win something!!!  You can still sign up if you would like--it is mainly making one new or finishing one UFO that is FAll each month--we will do this for July, August and September!!!

Had to go to Plan B today--
and do HOUSEWORK---grrrrrrr!!!!
But Oh my kitchen looks so bright and happy and chipper now--and I know that every time I walk in there it is saying--so how long are you going to take before you clean me again????????---Now wait a minute Kitchen----you are suppose to thank me for cleaning you today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also in the stitching news for today--
I got two more blocks hand quilted on the Astor Manor Quilt top--
And got one baby hat finished and another one started knitting--
The Eliza Jane doll quilt all done---this actually took alot of time--I did have trouble seeing my marking lines to hand quilt it--but it was worth it!!!!

Guess what ?????
I found something that "runs" out faster than time!!!
I mean we are always saying--"where did the day--week--month go"!!!!!

Me I have to say---

where did the "money" go???????
--it is always gone before the end of the month!!!!!!!!
Well--I got to get back to work!!!
Have a wonderful day tomorrow
Hugs, Di
and again I want to say--either keep "cool" or keep "warm" my friends!!!


  1. The pumpkins look so great! It will be an awesome fall project. It is such a good idea to work on one a month so you are ready for fall when it arrives.

  2. I love your Fall Background Di.

    You have made a great start on your project too

  3. I thought it interesting that you use men's suitcoats for your wool. I have a quilt that my Grandmother made using men's suits -- it is just long strips sewn together -- with a striped backing and batting between. They are really warm. She didn't quilt them, instead she tacked them with crochet thread. They have lasted for many, many years. She died about 40 years ago and they were already old then.

  4. Well done Di! I have found a fall table runner that I need to finish, so I will work on that and kill two birds with one stone :)

    The felt candle mat looks sweet! I should do one some day - when I come and visit you :)



  5. Never thought of using suits for sewing. Cool idea. It is going to be very cute. Well done on the finishes. L,A-

  6. I'm just amazed by how much you get finished! I'd like to join you club, but I can't start any new projects right now. I'll be watching to see what you make, though, and the pumpkins are cute. Like your new border, too!

  7. I really like your pumpkins, they're going to turn out really cute. I've never tried sewing any of these other interesting fabrics but it looks fun!!

  8. Love the candle mat. I have been looking at that one for awhile. I love scarecrows and pumpkins :) I'm thinking that some time this year I will get hooked on wool felt. No room to store new supplies right now though.

  9. That candle mat is so cute! I haven't worked on one of those in quite a while. Come to think of it I have an embroidery Fall one with pumpkins that needs doing. It's not as cute as yours though.


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