Friday, July 30, 2010


How was your day????

I ended up downstairs this morning doing this--
I do not like this job--but am always "thankful" that I have the equipment handy to make the job easy---and I love seeing all the drawers and my closet full of clean clothes and I can once again have some "choice" of what to wear each morning!!!!

then at 3 pm today Little sister and did our trip over town---only we did a different route today and we started at the "farmer's market"--
Oh now you are being "funny" Di--not that kind of Farmer's items---
you know the fruits and vegetables kind-----
I got some really great looking "orka", 2 ears of fresh corn, blueberries, and some summer squash--so I will be able to eat like a "king" over the week end!!!!!!!

Then we went to the Quilt shop and got a piece of fabric for the binding on Joy Luck and I am full of "joy" tonight as all the hand quilting is now finished--so tomorrow I can put the binding on it--may make it by the end of the month -- yet?????
And I only have the two rose boms to do and I will have everything done for this month!!!!!

Here's some photos I took while out and about today---
Huge blooms on this bush--
An all black neighborhood kitty--at least I hope he has a home!!!!
Oh little sister and I got our pizza slice for a late afternoon "snack" before coming back here!!!!

SOOO-- I was busy today--and today went fast as always---weather was cooler today--but unfortunately the air was "smelly" today--even heard some of the others complaining that don't have my health issues--sooooo!!!!

OK all you quilters out there---just "1" more day--left of July--for finishes and goals to be met!!!!!
Then on sunday--it will be August 1st and the "good news" is ----
we get to do it all over again for another month---work--stitch--work--stitch--unstitch--work---------

Am I "boring" you yet????

Hugs, Di


  1. Thank you Di for another enjoyable post to read. I love to trip around with you and little Sis.
    What a great photo of the bored cat. LOL.
    Mmmmm end of the month again. I had a few hiccups this month so hope to do better next.
    Yeh also did the washing and just pegged it out. We have a lovely sunny day and we always beautiful fresh air here on The Block.

  2. You need to delete that "unstitch" word!!! You are a sewing machine, not the electric kind. I agree with Maria--next month will be better! L,A-

  3. I have three hours left till midnight.. and the 1st of August.... I am sitting here wondering if I have time to get anything done in that time.... sigh...!
    I think that kittty in the grass is our Pepsi - I haven't seen him all day. Send him home, will ya?!

  4. Hey there Di!
    Been while since I've visited and I forgot about all the clipart you share. Brings a smile.
    Goodbye to July 2010


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