Saturday, July 10, 2010


How is everyone doing today---Another "week end" has appeared again for our enjoyment---No I did not say it was here to catch up on all the things we "forgot" to do or did not have time to do during the last five days---It is here for us to enjoy--remember---All work and No Play--makes you a "dull" person!!!!  So even if you just grab a book and head outside for awhile or curl up on the couch--DO IT!!!

We got some nice Thunder showers last night--and some much needed rain--and it did cool off things alittle--still kinda on the warm side---but Little sister and I were able to go over town and do our "thing"!!!
The first thing I did was go to the Post Office and mail out two packages--so gals your winnings are on their way!!!!
then we stopped at a Church thrift store--this is what I got--
the picture frame was cute with the burnt in hearts in the corners and then there is tiny stitching where the flower circle is--someone had put in a lot of time to do this flower ring--not sure what I am going to do with it yet-----???????
Then we stopped at the Pizza Parlor and had our lunch---
Then we did go to the Quilt shop--but neither of us bought anything---did see a couple pieces of fabric I liked--but????????????
Then we did go to the Country shop and I got into "trouble" here---
First I seen these two birds and as they were on sale--so----they just sailed home with me-- and here is how I am using them--
Oppps!!!!!  I think I got this dish last week for another project--oh well--until that project is done--this will look cute--right????
the second birdy---Had wanted him for a while now--so sale worked for-- me on it!!!
Did try to leave the store after I paid for these two birds--but didn't make it--
This was new and I just fell in love with it--Hard--I guess--cause I had to go back and get it-----Today!!!!

Did prep and started stitching on "two" more items--
Yes there is two here and when finished these will go into the Christmas box--with a name on at least one of them!!!!

*****A while back, a pastor related this conversation he had had with his 5 year  old son:  "He was all excited and trying to tell me something, but I couldn't make heads or tails of it.
So I said, "slow down son. You're talking to fast"
To which my son said---"No, Dad, You aren't listening fast enough."

( don't tell anyone but often times "Di" is this little boy---people say to her--slow down you are talking too fast---and now I have an answer for them!!!!!!!!!!!!)


  1. I still can't believe you left the fabric store without anything. Amazing! Your birdies are very cute. L,A-

  2. Looks like a fun and fruitful day!!A bit of fresh air always does one good!

  3. I think your house is turning into a bird sanctuary :)

  4. Weekends are agreat time to play and enjoy life. Glad yours was fruitful as well.


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