Thursday, July 22, 2010


Yep--this is just a picture of some "wild clover"---
but I have always loved this kind of clover--
love the flower part and the leaves are sooo neat to look at and study!!!

today was a good day for

First finished this bom for July--
Sentimental Journey---

Second one--
A project for the Early Bird Christmas challenge

second project for the Early Bird challenge--
these two wall hangings are my own designs!!!!

I can't believe it --I got my Fall challenge for July all done---
You know how you say---Someday---I am going to make that project---
WELL--my "someday" came up for this project--and I just love it--
Is is Fall yet so I can keep it out?????

And I finished reading this book--great stories!!!

I did not do this post last night because we were under a "heavy storm watch"--
Well I watched--but we did not get anything really--Oh well--that is why I was able to get the Fall project finished though and a walk in over to the lake--so here is some "pictures" to share with you--
This pigeon just stood there on the sidewalk and kept staring at me--like he was saying--"won't you take my picture??"   So I did---he is really a colorful one!!!
Another Momma with her babies!!!!
And an awesome picture of some clouds over top of our building!!!
And some lilies in the garden!!!

OK blog friends that's it for now--need to get back to work so I have something to show you tonight or tomorrow---RIGHT!!

Hugs, Di


  1. Love your photos & stitcheries, Di.

    Clover brings back childhood summer days, lazing around with nothing to do, plucking the clover & sucking on the honey they hold ... ahhh, sweet memories.

    Have a lovely weekend.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Di, your scarecrow candle mat turned out amazing! I love all those wool projects. Maybe someday I will start and finish one too :)

  3. I LOVE your little candle mat. It is so cute :)

  4. Love the scarecrows. And the baby ducks are soooo cute. L,A-

  5. The scarecrow mat is cute! As always, busy girl, your work is lovely.
    Sure that's a pigeon? Looks awfully like a baby seagull .....
    Now you just reminded be of a song I know about clover .... best not repeated here :)

  6. Lots of finishes. Congratulations! Love mom with her babies.

  7. The bunnies would love to eat that clover. I love how pretty it is.
    Good finishes girlfriend!

  8. Some wonderful finishes! Love the 'scrows mat!Now don't forget I LOVE Fall things and just send it on down! ;-) You had a pretty walk.
    If we walked to far here would pass out from the heat!

  9. Hi Di...I am loving the Christmas Gifts that you are getting done for your box. Well done!

  10. Baby ducks are darling. Lot's of finishes I got to get to my get-er-done-list!! Wedneday I will be working in my sewing room or should I say playing??? Best wishes Carolyn


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