Thursday, July 15, 2010


OH MY---I nearly forgot to "list" my goals for the club--like today is the last day!!!
I am "bad" most of the time in this area really---
It is like getting your head in a book and not being able to put it down---
that is me and my sewing/quilting--
1. I will try harder to "plan" and do the plan on eating more balanced meals--
2. I need to work on getting off the 'computer' earlier in the evenings so I can get more sleep--
3.and I need to continue to "push" myself to get outside and to get some excise---(and no pushing on the sewing machine petal doesn't count!!!)
On the sewing front--
1. finish the quilt for Kelly's sew in by July 20th for the parade!!!!
2.Make at least 3 gifts for the Early Bird Christmas challenge (two are started) for July and do at least 3 for the month of August-- my Fall wool table mat (started)--- do another Fall project in August--
4. finish this months Schnibbles and make next months--hand quilt them both!!!
5. and do each months bom's that I am in for both July and August--
6. Knit my baby hats--(am behind here somewhat!!!)
7. DO NOT add any more bom's for this year!!!!! (LOL)

And just take time to enjoy each "project" along the way--and each friendship I form on the internet--and to be a "blessing" to others in some way --every day!!

That's it Kelly---
Hugs, Di


  1. I will have to remember to do #7 myself!LOL
    and also take time to enjoy each project... sometimes I forget that too! Great goals Di!

  2. "be a "blessing" to others in some way --every day!!" Aww..I like that. I'm going to make that my goal too. And as for #7, Good luck with that one!! LOL!!!

  3. Your Joy Luck is looking good..I am about that far with mine though I usually stick to the pattern...can't wait to see what you do to tweak it!


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