Thursday, July 1, 2010


I did it --got all 7 packages mailed today---and I had alot of fun with your answers--
OH--let me "jump" back to the site to see if there have been new ones and then I will tell you the "winner"!!!!!
I am back--6 of you gave me 'guess's'--thank you--
Now the winner is-----

 **************Anne-Lise--of Norway ----with a guess of $43.50
******the actual cost was $44.29---way to go Anne-Lise!!!!
What is that you asked??????
What is Anne-Lise's prize?????
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh-----I haven't gotten that far in my "planning" yet--so??????

After the Post Office I went to the bank to get quarters for the month for laundry--and that is where I found these beautiful flowers--
and this is right across the street from the 'bank'--so you know what happened don't you????  Those "feet" of mine have a mind of their own some days!!!!!
Here is one pile of goodies I got there---I have not done the x-blocks yet--and today the ruler and the book were on sale for 50% off--soooo---then I have liked the pattern with the white pitcher and sunflowers for a long time and it was 50% off as was the other two patterns!!!!
I needed a couple colors of quilting thread and I wanted to make sure I had extra marking pencils for quilting and I have had my "eye" on this Christmas pattern for a couple weeks now!!!!

Baa  Baa!!!!
Was gonna send for wool felt--but did find the colors there that I needed for my first fall projects---
These two pieces of fabric were in the buy one get one--the rose one is for Little sister--the other one is for a project on the Christmas challenge--and YES--under the fabric is 4 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper----from last year--got them today for $1.00 a row--you can't bet that?????
Little sister came on home ==she wasn't feeling real great today--but I had to walk on the Health food store for a couple things--and I took these pictures for you on the way home---
this is a bed and breakfast --just down the street from there--and I have always loved the style of this home--and it looks 4th of July-ie--
One one of the side streets to come back here I spotted this mail box---and this is just how I took the picture from the street--now I like the mail box and the picture!!!!

OK--It's now July--copied off some of the new issues of the BOM's already and did get my Schnibbles for July ordered----(ok--girls--I have 5 patterns I have collected---and do you think it would be one of them--NOPE!!!!)  OH well--it gives me a good excuse to go "hunting" on the internet--and then I can get into trouble ordering other things!!!
Yep--I did---wait and see!!!!

Well--it is time for me to get off this machine for today---need to accomplish something today besides spending money!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. Hee hee--sounds like you had a very good day! I like the mailbox too-haven't found one for here yet. L,A-

  2. You've had a busy day. I love that mailbox and photo as well. It looks like a black and white photo which I think is much nicer than color photos.

  3. Seems like postage must be about the same as here, then :) The postbox is really cute. And the bed & breakfast looks cosy. Have a lovely day, Di.

  4. Boy I need to go shopping with you Di. You always get such great bargains.

  5. I would love to be able to walk around town to do my shopping. It's so relaxing and I love to look at houses and the neighborhood. I love that close hometown look/feeling.

  6. Should have thrown in a guess on your mailing but i have a hard tie figurinng out Canada post let alone Us. Can't believe someone from norway won.Well done!! as usual you seem to run cicles around us.wheredo you get your energy.
    What have you been doing naughty shopping on line come on Confess!!
    Hugs Faye

  7. Wow, I was WAY over on my guess...good! I made that Christmas stitchery last year for my Dad. It turned out so nicely, I must say. That was a joy to make!

  8. Lot's of goodies and fun things! Good for you about getting ready for Fall. Looking forward to seeing what you make.
    That Victorian house is beautiful. I could house gawk every single day.


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