Tuesday, August 24, 2010

IRISH ----ANYONE??????

Today's was my Anne's day---
We always share our quilt magazines--
so today she brought me "3" new ones she'd picked up--
one she got a Barnes and Nobles over the week end--
and it is an Irish one!!!!!!
Have any of you seen one before?????
We both liked it---the directions for sewing the quilts are nice and large pictures and they are  in color!!
she also brought me these two to drool--I mean to read!!!
both had a couple ideas in them!!!!
Just what I need ---more ideas!!!!!

NOW--I need a little help from my friends---
See this shirt--
It was one of My Mary's shirts and she wore it alot--
but it is alittle too tight for me--so it will just hang in my closet--
But Jenny has a challenge this month to "refurbish" something--
and so I would like to do something with it--
And the butterflies are soooo pretty---
 I do not like "orange" and there is no getting out of it--
this shirt is ORANGE----so what do I make from it????????????

Well--three of you are right--
so you will each get a gift--
Tomorrow's ( or the next post) will be number
I can't believe it myself---but--
what is --is!!!!!
so keep watch for the next post---
definitely something coming your way!!!!

Anne and I did stitch for awhile today---
my block count is down to 22 on the Short Story!!!!
Then we went out to lunch--was nice we walked up town and has "mean" grilled cheese sandwiches at one of the shops!!!!

This afternoon I worked on the "spooky's" wall hanging--
most of the letters are appliqued in ---so we are moving right along!!!!

And tonight I had a nice "surprise"--
every Tuesday evening in the summer we have a concert in the park--
just 2 blocks from here--so if my windows are open--
I get to hear it most of the time--and tonight the sound was good--
and it was 50"s music---and the band knew there music--and it was really entertaining!!!
so I am here just 'beep-booping" along!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it is getting late--so I need to get on with getting on!!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. I just got that Love of Quilting magazine. Sounds like you had a fun fun day. L,A-

  2. I've seen that magazine and it's wonderful! Sounds like you had another productive day my friend.
    I've sent you some things today. ;)
    xx, shell and sugie bunny

  3. Congratulations Diane,500th blog-WOW!
    Had my thinking cap on re Mary's shirt-- I see a pretty matted picture frame of some of the butterflies and flowers. The rest can be incorporated into cushions, memory quilts, a crazy patch bag.
    What do you think??


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