Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I told little sister last Saturday--that I was going to take the first week in August off!!!
No sewing---just play around with "tweaking" the apartment--maybe read a book or two--sip Ice tea--nap whenever--maybe do some knitting-----
AND that was when she really "laughed" at me!!!!!!!
She said, " I knew you couldn't go a whole week without some kind of needles in your hands"!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did OK on Sunday--remember I went "shopping" all day--
but by Monday morning the "laugh" was on me---
I was back to working on bom's----
What can I say????????
I am confirmed "stitch alcoholic" ---no two ways about it!!!!

Yesterday was Anne's day--we only stitched a little while and then we went to Wal mart--I was still trying to decide on the office chair?????  I got to sit in two models in the store---still did not know what to do?????
Did buy two nice nightgowns all cotton and got a deal on "undies"--12 pair of Fruit of Loom for $6.00 for the package--wow!!!!!

Later in the afternoon--girl friend Denise came--by then I had discovered that my wood green rocking chair would work at the computer table just fine--sooooo---
we loaded up the office chair and returned it to walmart!!!!!

Little sister decided it was her turn to do something with me--so first thing this morning we had to go over town---
and yes--we went to the Quilt shop--and this is what came home with me---
These two reds for using in the new School house mini doll quilt--
found these two in the Christmas isle and both were nearly gone-so got some--I mean if everybody else "likes" them--then I need to toooooo!!!!!!
actually they will go nicely with some of last years Christmas fabric stash!!!!
And it is hard to see here--but this has different colored dots and will go nicely with some of the fall fabrics I have already gotten!!!

We did stop and have lunch at the "Happy Days Cafe" today and played a couple games of gin rummy--(little sister won them all today--think she cheated!!!!)

AND--believe it or not--I got some finishes done today---
My three Jelly roll blocks are all done--

These were soooo easy this time--I really did "goof" alittle on the gift one color wise---but only you and I know that!!!!!

got this month's Sentimental Journey bom all done--these are so neat to do each month--
Have also gotten two other bom's prepped that have come in so far!!!

Picked this Magazine up at the Pharmacy while getting my Prescriptions filled--
I believe this is my first time buying this magazine---
I know some of you are "crazy" over the M.L. that started this magazine--
and I have met him---in fact out Quilt shop helped to launch some of his success in the quilt field---unfortunately--He is not a favorite of mine---so I would not buy the magazine---
but now he is no longer involved with it--and it is a good magazine and the language is more to my liking---
Look who was in this issue?????
Our Anne Sutton from Bunnyhill designs (Snowbound bom)
What a delight story and great pictures and only nice things said about our gal!!!

Our own Jaybird--Julie Herman had a nice informative interview in the back--too!!!
Way to go Quilter's Home!!!!

OK--think that has caught you all up--I failed to mention that when I go out of town shopping and to so many shops that I will be "out of it" for a few days??????

OH--we get to eat some "good" food again--went grocery shopping tonight--refrig and freezer are full once again--yes!!!!! (and yes--this time chocolate and ice cream came home with me!!!!!)
Oh yes--Di--has Kitty on the brain---
Tomorrow she is spending the day getting ready for her new housemate!!!!



  1. Your blocks look great!

    ps...I love Northwood Botanicals!

  2. Oh Di, you are so funny! I love your posts. It must be a hoot to hang out with you and your sis. :-) The jelly roll blocks and the embroidery are beautiful!

  3. You get so much done that you make me dizzy! Tell me more about this new housemate. Do you have a name picked out yet?

  4. Di ~ Great quilt blocks & cute write

    Have a lovely eve ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  5. Your blocks look great! As always.
    That is funny--Di not sewing for a week!! Hee hee. L,A-

  6. Its're not alone..I'm a stitchaholic too!

  7. I think going without stitching is over rated. If stitching is what relaxes us and keeps us sane, nobody should suggest we go without lol.

  8. Lov'n those reds! All your blocks look wonderful!
    You a week with out sewing?????!!!! Can't see that happening unless you were very ill and we don't want that!
    Just do what makes ya happy!!!!



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