Monday, August 23, 2010


For mail call today--
I got a lovely surprise package in the mail---
this package was from Robin@
she coordinated the beautiful quilt for me in "memory" of my Mary--
She received "3" more  blocks after the quilt was finished--so she spent some time trying to decide "what" to make with them--
so First she made me a tote bag with two of the blocks--
back (I did not lay this out very well--it is flat and stitched beautifully!!
and with the third block--she made this--
Just a cute mat--
and I already found a home for it--
It's on the Hoosier showing off my other new goodies!!!!
Thank you to all who did these beautiful blocks!!
Then she sent me--
this adorable crocheted purse she made and only because I said I loved it and wanted one---and this is just so darn cute!!!!  Thanks Robin!!!

Work--did I do some work today--
First off--we had another dark wet day here--
But I have only got "24" blocks left--
I have passed the half way mark with 25 blocks hand quilted on Short Story!!!
and then the rest of the day--in between other things (like cleaning the bathroom!!)
I worked on this --
this much is all appliqued now--
that little pumpkin--
caused me some extra work---the first time I stitched it on--it was tipped up at the end about 2 inches above on the right side from the bottom line--it still is not level on the bottom--but my question is this---do all pumpkins grow perfectly flat on the bottoms?????

Now it is time for some fun---
Di is getting to celebrate a blog post Number---
Can you guess the the Number????????????
and yes there will be a prize or prizes--depending on how many get the answer right!!!
and then on Wednesday we will be having another "give away"--so stayed tuned to this blog site for further events!!!!

By the way===where is everyone---it really is quiet out there!!!
Are you just "busy" getting the Kiddies in school--
or is there something else going on??????
Maybe it is just the rainy weather---
Have fun tomorrow--
Hugs, Di
PS and stay dry!!!!


  1. Love, love, love the pumpkins. It is going to be so cute. And the bag and the mat--cute cute too. I am going to guess 500 posts. L,A-

  2. I think your little pumpkin is adorable. Looks like he is leaning against his big brother :)

    I think the tote bag has started a new addiction for me. I feel the need to make many quilted quilt block tote bags. Boy that was a mouthful lol. Glad you like everything.

    We have been dreary and rainy for a bit now too. We keep getting tropical rains coming through.

  3. 300 - 400 ? No, I think I'm going with 500 .... how many guesses do I get?
    Love the pumpkin!! Cute presents.

  4. Thanks for sharing all of new things! Love your pumpkins! Soon fall will be here before we know it!!

    Your little mice on the clothes line are so cute, where did you find them? Hope you are having a great day and thanks for stopping by my blog! Hugs, Carolyn

  5. What lovely gifts! Your punkins look wonderful as is!
    Wow! Will be Sept in a week or so!!
    I have just been nursing my back.
    Not sitting too long. So not up on my to do list or challenges. ;-(

  6. I'm so glad you got that quilt from Robin. I know you will treasure your memories of Mary-- Robin was an angel to do that for you. I was just thinking about pulling out my Late Bloomer crow/pumpkin wallhanging... it needs to get finished/you just gave me an extra nudge!

  7. I'm going to guess at 500 posts too - I know you are a very prolific blogger!! Love your pumpkins - the colours are so rich and pumpkin-like!!


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