Thursday, August 5, 2010


Me and the lady of the house--Di---worked hard today --
We cleaned house for the arrival of "Di's" new housemate--
and my new playmate!!!!!!

We wanted everything to look nice and neat and fresh--!!!!!

the first room we cleaned was the bathroom--
now I can see taking some things out of there to make room for the litter box---
but did she really need to scrub the tub and walls and put up a new shower curtain????

And before she could put up the new shower curtain she had to launder it--
then she got it all up and discovered it was really a little too long--so she actually took it down and shortened it and re-hemmed it--why--the new housemate could care less?????
Here is all the house mate will care about--
the new litter box---What is that thing beside it????
Oh that is the vacuum cleaner wearing a dress----
Now how funny is that--folks---
we need to tell "Di" to stick to her sewing!!!!!
She did some work on rearranging some plants--
then she put this cute wagon--
In front of the window as she was told that her housemate likes to lay in the sun---and right now with all the leaves on the trees this is the only window that has some sun coming in it--and this is right besides Di's sewing chair--soooo!!!!

Then Little sister popped in and Di put her to work helping her get the three drawer unit out of the closet that holds the fall and Christmas fabrics in it and they put it under the sewing table so Di can get to those fabrics--then had to redo that end of the closet--

Then Di created a sleeping place under the table--
See the nice rugs for a "comfy" napping place!!!!

And then we had to make a special place for the food --
She decided this closet was a good place as she plans to do the "feeding" of the housemate there in front of the closet door---and she is hoping this MIGHT just keep the housemate out of the kitchen and from under foot there---but you know what they say about --best laid plans--so---
the laugh may just be on Di again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She did alot of other housework besides this---have no idea "why"--
doesn't she know it will just get dirty again--and now with two of them living here--it will be sooner--than later!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well--if all goes well--tomorrow is the BIG day---!!!!!
So stayed tuned for more of the story---
until then---
I am going to brush my teeth--
say my prayers and --
am going to go to sleep and dream about the new room mate---


  1. I can't wait to see a pic of your new housemate! Your new kitty is very lucky to have you for a "mom"! P.S. Love your new shower curtain! P.P.S. I find that Fresh Step (non-scoopable) kitty litter is the best... a bit more expensive up front but it really controls the you change it less often!

  2. Wait a second, I meant SCOOPABLE! Time for me to go to bed! LOL

  3. I can't wait to see more pics!

  4. I think you wore me out just reading about how hard you worked. I think kitty will be very happy in all of her places and probably a bunch more. L,A-
    And yes, the storm went bye bye.

  5. I know some-BODY is gonna be spoiled!!! Cute write, darling graphics ...

    Have a lovely summer's eve ~
    TTFN~ Marydon

  6. Looking forward to seeing pics of the new flatmate. I think it's going to be spoiled more than mine:)

  7. I look forward to the photos of the new housemate!! What fun preparing for the new arrival.

  8. By now I'm sure you and your new roommate have had an adventure or two. Looks like you are all ready though.

    I was wondering what that thing was in the bathroom lol.

  9. Is Kitty home yet????? Wanna see that cutie!!


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