Friday, August 20, 2010


My friend was picking me up about 9:30 am today to do go to get my stitches out--and as I was watching on the sidewalk--under this tree--I looked up and seen a squirrel--just eating away--he could of cared less that I was right there---
So I knew then it would be a squirrely kinda day!!!

Here is my driver--
"Hi Denise---(she is gonna "kill" me for this????)
and here is her "co-Pilot"-

Her grandson --Jackson---he looks like he up to no-good today!!!!
After a couple "stops"--
we went to my surgeons and got my stitches out--
all is doing fine--full recovery is "expected"!!!!lol

Then we went to the Library for me to get more books and movies--
then we look the "scenic" tour home--
I did not have the larger camera with me--only the little one--so pictures are not as detailed as I would of liked--but wanted you to see the shale walls--
these walls always "amaze" me--there is just layer upon layer of shale here--with alot of history between those layers!!!!

Later this afternoon I did remember to go over to the Farmer's market--
I really thought these next booth was done up cute--

you will be crazy to ask what I bought----just two ears of corn--yep--two ears!!!

ON the way home I did stop by where the "kittens'" are and did get this picture--
In the first one--that little black "spot" at the end of the steps is a kitten--SHE is a black calico!!  Very small--
On this second photo you  can see the yellow tiger one on the steps--this kitten is bigger--and is the first one to come out of hiding to eat--little sister said--the other two only mainly come out to eat---they are all very wild and scared!!!!

Hey--Di--what did you stitch today????
Oh my--was I suppose to do that "too"?????

Well--you know well enough to know that I did have a needle in hand for awhile today--but only for a little while---
Let's see--
Oh--I only have "30" more Short Story blocks to hand quilt---
I did get some hearts ready to applique for one of my Early Bird Christmas challenge projects and even got one done!!!!!
But I "fear" that is all for today--so far!!!!!

I have to tell you--I have went "to the dogs"---
Is this "not" the cutest picture you have ever seen?????
It is on my desktop now with a light pink background---awesome!!!!!
So kittens--set aside--it's doggy time around here!!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. That pup is so cute! Thanks for sharing your day with your blogging friends! Carolyn

  2. Love all the photos. You have had a busy day even without the stitching.

  3. I used to love to look up at the shale walls when we were in Connecticut. They always amazed me!

  4. As long as the squirrels stay in the trees I'm good. ;) hee,hee,hee.
    I buy two ears of corn as well. Love fresh produce.
    That little pup face is too cute! I want to smooch it!
    have a fun day sweets.
    xx, shell and sugie bunny

  5. Di- thanks for the heads up on the finished round robin! a post will be up on monday with all the goodies shown off. Thanks for playing along- love the quilt too. darling. great job!


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