Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Course getting a big fat confectionery sugar covered lemon donut helped!!!!!!!
so I am feeling better!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all---this is Cameo coming from "Di's" computer--
How do you like this picture--(actually I am not really "fond" of getting my picture taken--it always hurts my eyes and I have to blink alot afterwards---but you "humans" love to take your pictures and as 'us' cats love our humans (and like to eat) we let you do your thing!!!!!!!!!!!
I think me and Mom are doing better---
Mom just didn't realize how "traumatic" the trip to NY was for me and then to be in two different homes in only 12 hours---wow---that was hard on me--then all of a sudden even the human - Amy- who I had become close to --was gone!!!!!
that is really hard for a kitty to understand---
But today I have slept all day--am eating better--and not sooo hungry yet--I have still eaten more than I am used to!!!!!
Kitty box is under control now too!!!!
so thank you to all of my new Mom's blog friends for your ideas and encouragement--cause I do believe this "Mom" will really really spoil me!!!!!!!!

OK Mom--tell'em what you where up to today-----

Well--let's see--besides feeding you and watching you sleep--Cameo--

I did get this done--
Snowbound bom for August---

And I did this--
this is the jelly roll blocks--BUT-- I did this "set" using a Honey Bun instead--
So I made the blocks come out to 6 1/2 inch square--
And today I played with putting it all together---I am happy to say that the first border and the outer border all came from my stash--oh it was 'tempting' to run over to the quilt shop and see what she had that would work--but I controlled myself and worked with what I had and I just love it--and yes that is "Grandmother's Flower Garden" print for the outer border and that is a black print for the inner one!!!!

I even got this month's First Friday Freebie started--so all of the bom's that have come in so far are done or in the works---but I still have alot to do yet this month!!!!!

Well need to go for now---
take care and be good to your neighbor tomorrow--call them, send them a card--or bake them a pie!!!!
Hug, Di


  1. Cameo looks quite content in that picture. Happy cat!!! And you have been very busy. Pretty, pretty, pretty!! L,A-

  2. Your BOM looks fabulous. I started putting mine together this week as well and am loving the way it looks so far.

  3. I love your BOM honey bun quilt! The black sets off the blocks nicely. What are you planning for the binding?

  4. I haven't been around so didn't hear about Cameo's trip. It sure is hard on them to be in strange places. Well, except our old Tabby. We even put him in the belly of an airplane for a 5 hour trip and when he got to my mom's he just hopped up in the best chair in the house and made himself at home.

    Glad Cameo is feeling better. She sure is pretty, but I guess she knows that.

    Love your honeybun quilt. It's so nice and bright.

  5. Oh how sweet Cameo looks in 'her' chair.
    Your Honey Bun Quilt looks awesome!

  6. I just must get going on the Snowbound BOM...I have three blocks done...yours is gorgeous!

  7. Cameo looks like she is settling in and making herself at home.
    Love the quilt and the border is perfect!!
    Hugs ,Faye


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