Friday, September 17, 2010


From here in the Village I could not see any leaves really changing there color much--
But forgot to tell you that I did see some -- one here and one there--that was trying to change on the ride yesterday!!  So maybe!!!!!

Now I hope you are sitting down for this next part???????

Cause "Di" has something to show you and tell you!!!!

See this table runner she made????
It is all done--yep---
but the amazing part is---
there is not even one--no not "one" hand stitch in the whole thing!!!!!
she actually made the whole thing on the sewing machine!!!!
She even amazes herself at times!!!!!lol
and here is the back side--
I lovvvvve  this fabric--here's a close-up!!

I will use the other side now--till mid October---
then will use this side through Thanksgiving!!!

Mail call---
Look at what a blog friend sent me today in the mail---
--Is this not beautiful!!!!  Now to think about how to finish it!!!
This came from a new friend--Quiltingfiesta (Besty)
Thank you so much Besty--I just love it!!

Also got my Current order in today--
they sell greeting cards and stickers and such!!!
Got some pretty cards--

Lots of cool stickers--nearly all the stickers where buy one - get one free!!!
Also got a couple other things--but can't show you those---
you never know what show up in your mail box--my blogging friends!!!!
Maybe I will adopt a bunny rabbit!!!
Decided birds are suppose to be outside--!!!!

OK--do you like Indian corn????
Which is your favorite---
the regular kind-- or-- the ones with the chocolate at the ends?????

WELL--it's the week end again---
how does it get here so fast?????

Hugs, Di


  1. Be still my heart - - not ONE hand stitch? How on earth did you survive that? I hand-stitching bindings tonight. Wish you were here. And the BEST candy corn does NOT have the brown ends. Just yellow, orange and white for me!

  2. Definitely the regular ones. Yummy!!! I think candy corn is one of my absolute favorite foods. I love the fabric--really, really cute. L,A-

  3. Love your latest project especially the backing. Now candy corn with chocolate ends are the best! MMMMM good! Nola

  4. Your table runner is great. I love the back too.
    You get such wonderful mail Di.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Love your table runner!!! Hmmm.. it is a hard thing deciding on a pet, isn't it... I'm sure you will get there one day :)

  6. Oh.. and I have no idea what candy corn is..... but it sounds like it is nice. When I come and visit, will you give me some?!

  7. Wow, a table runner completed all on the machine...great job!

    We were at Target yesterday and I had to walk through their Halloween section. We aren't going to be around for Halloween this year so no need to buy any candy but I do like to keep some in the house for us to enjoy. Anyways...they had gourmet flavored candy corn. We saw pumpkin spice, chocolate and lots more. We were well behaved an didn't buy any...yet ;)

    The leaves aren't changing here either lol. They never do way down here in SW Florida ;)

  8. I love your table runner, it looks great! I must admit that I don't like candy corn...although I love the little mellowcreme pumpkins, oddly. Aren't they the same thing?? Anyway, great mail! I love Current too, the catalog is fun to read!

  9. Autumn is here and there for sure! The great colors of the Autumn will soon be around.Love the table runner:-)

  10. Love the table runner. I also love the regular candy corn. I like to put them in my mouth and pretend they are fangs. hee,hee,hee.
    You always have such fun mail!

  11. Cute little blog...So much to see and do! I love the little rabbit...I have one named Cotton Patch...and she is HANDS DOWN my favorite animal EVER. GREAT COMPANY and loving!
    Come by and visit us...


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