Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I spent most of the day looking for some "paperwork"--
did I find it "NO"--
I took a mess of regular paper work 
and a mess of patterns that I have collected from the Internet--
and ---
Now it is all filed nicely--so I can find it--
just couldn't find --that "one" piece/letter that I was looking for!!!!!
OH well!!!!!!!!!!

 Even cleaned out my "pattern" holder--just in case??????

Then this afternoon I took the bus---
Where is everyone---not even a driver at the moment!!!!!
I went to Wal-mart and got the these things---
gotta have them----
WE are suppose to get alot of rain tomorrow--so wanted to be sure I had enough chocolate to get by with!!!!!!!!!!!

Now if you are a smoker--beware of this next section!

Our complex here is going NON-SMOKING--
and by June 2011 you will not even be able to smoke in your own apartments!!!
Not even out the windows---

NOW--I do not smoke---
and right now there is about 9 tenants out of 48 who do smoke---
as of Oct 13, 2010--you can not smoke outside--within 50 feet of the building---
Now here--they have taken a good storage building and put windows in it and a table and chairs for the smokers to smoke in----maybe they will use--then again ?????
So we have been under alot of "stress" here!!!!

Now for a story--
when I was working the first year out of high school--
I gained some (well--too much) weight--
and all my friends told me that if I would learn to smoke--
it would help me lose weight--
I took up smoking---
for about 3 days!!!!
Then I realized something---
that after every cigarette--
I was eating a couple of these

I had to get the taste of the 
cigarette out of my "mouth"--
Had a good laugh that day--
and have never touched another
cigarette again!!!
cause if I had to eat 10 candy
bars a day--can you imagine
what I would 'weigh" today??

So that's my "smokin" story and I am sticking to it!!!!!!!

Oh did I do any sewing today????
Was I suppose to do some of that -- too???

and Yes--I did do some hand quilting on the "Spooky's" wall hanging!!!!

Well--be good---
Hugs, Di


  1. Hope you found your pattern/letter. Well done doing all the tiding up.
    Here in Aussie they have just brought in even stricter rules. NO smoking in cars with kids, on the beach not outside areas of cafe etc. Good thing.
    I gave up over 10yrs ago.

  2. I think that's a great idea about no smoking in your complex...smoke travels through hallways, vents, etc. Can they enforce it though? Ah, that's the tough part!!

    Your chocolate bars look YUMMY! We're going to get all that rain too...and I have to go food shopping, ugh!

  3. Banning smoking is tough. On one hand smoking is bad for everyone and should be banned. On the other hand smokers should have rights too, especially in their own apartments.

    At the hospital where I work they banned all tobacco products on their properties. The workers tried everything to get around it in the beginning but now a year later they have settled down.

    It's nice to not have to smell the smoke on everyone's clothes. Especially in a hospital.

  4. Did you ever find your pattern? I hate it when I can't find things and spend way too much time searching.
    We have quite tough smoking laws here in Utah and I appreciate it. Your story is a hoot eating chocolate to get rid of the cigarettes. Just curious, did it work? Nola

  5. Ugh--hunting paperwork!! I know that one well. At least you got lots of sorting and organizing done! I will be sewing in the rain right along with you! L,A-

  6. I can relate to your paper hunt - have one of my own, the receipt for the cleaning of my sewing machine. There is still something wrong and I must have the receipt to get it fixed for free! But where is it???

  7. Cute post. I quit 4 years ago in May when my hospital went non smoking. There was no way I could go 12 hours without a cigarette. But ya know, when I was growing up, EVERYBODY smoked. When I started in nursing, we smoked at the desk, and doctors smoked walking down the hall. I am so glad it has gone out of vogue.


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