Sunday, September 5, 2010


Saturday--Little sister and I were up and about early and went to a yard sale--
It was a pretty morning to be out and about "early" as it did rain from 10 am on---sooo!!!
Got me a nice Holiday shirt/sweater for 50 cents--
found '4' free flannel pillowcases in a free box--will use these in making the cat beds!!!
Got the basket for 50 cents, the Terra cotta bowl for 25 cents--
the green depression plate and cut and saucer for a total of $1.00!!!!

I did do alittle stitching--but mainly read and finished a novel!!!

we had another "80th" birthday party downstairs at 1:00--
Marge Rice--look at that pretty cake in the back ground!!!!
this is Marge's daughter in the kitchen working on the lunch--we had humburgers and hot dogs grilled outside and the regular picnic fixings!!!

Then Little sister and I went over town--
first stop was the Country shop--
and this followed me home--
a wood plate--for FAll decorating!!!

Then we did stop at the quilt shop--but we actually walked out without buying anything--I really have soooo much fabric and I do have a couple orders of more fabric coming in---and I do not need another pattern or any books--soooo!!!
Then we went up on the hill to the antique shop--
Sherman had been looking for an ironstone platter for me and he had called and said he had found one--
This one--ain't it beautiful?????
What you see some age spots and tiny wrinkles---
WELL---if you were as old as this platter you would have some age spots and wrinkles too--
Here is the stamp on the back of it--he said it is from around 1830's to 1850's---
OUCH---so that makes it "old" like me!!!!
And here is how I planned to use it---still waiting for "Di" to decide if she likes it here or not?????
And somehow 'before' Di left the shop these two items flew into her bag---
this one--and it is suppose to be the real thing!!!
and ----
this one---I do not care if they are old or the "real" thing---
I just like them and I think they will go well with my other blue items that I have collected and that are still packed from when I was going to move!!!!!
these are bowls--not plates--also!!!!
Oh and I paid $10 for the platter and $5 each for the blue soup bowls!!!

I hope everyone is having a good time this week end?????
Unfortunately--mine has been "sad" and stressful--but will not go into it until tomorrow or Tuesday---
so have a great day tomorrow!!!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. You got lots of bargains! Well done!
    Don't be sad.... hope you are ok,

  2. Wish I could find green depression glass for $1. You are such the hunter. L,A-

  3. My goodness Di all those bargins...the green glass, now that was a bargain and a half...

  4. Missed you:-) Sending hugs to cheer you up a little. Hope you are ok.

  5. Great finds! I've always had a soft spot for the blue plates. The bowls were a great find.

    Hoping today is a better day for you :)

  6. You found some treasures for sure! Love that Depression Glass. I have a few pieces of the pink and use them at family dinners. Hepe your heart heals soon.


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