Thursday, September 16, 2010


My girl friend, Denise and I went to Penn Yan, NY today--
it is more country there than here even--lots of farms!!!! 
Alot of them are Amish farms, too!!

We where on a mission--
I had to take my "little girl" in to be serviced---
It is a white featherweight singer sewing machine--
I love how this machine sews--but it goes through belts--

While there I was looking at the new machines--
I have a second machine I call "big brother" as it is a Brothers--
but it is a plain one--only 2 fancy stitches on it and you can not set it up 
for a actual 1/4 inch--even with the special feet--non of them fit right!!!!
Anyways I found a Bernina--activa 220 there I really liked for $700.00!!
does anyone have this one?????? It has 50 fancy stitches on it---some had lots more stitches--but 50 is more than enough for me!!!!

I did take a picture today---

Well waiting for Denise--I was sitting out front and directly in front --looking--I see this huge big tree across the street---this picture does not do it justice--it is a beautiful tree--I will have to keep my eyes on it to see if the leaves turn on it!!!

I have decided----
I will adopt a bird!!!!!!

I really do appreciate all the advice I am getting for you all on the dog adoption thingy!!!!!
And to answer a question or two here--
Yes we have a very local SPCA--
they want $150.oo per dog and $75.00 for a cat or kitten---
But most of the sites I have been on in New York State these prices are low--
most want between $200 to $400 per pet---even "mutts" go for this!!!!
and then you often have to train them or finish training them!!!
A lot of your "puppy mill rescue" dogs and puppys they want you to already have another dog in the home, these dogs need another dog to "show them how to live inside homes and how to live a normal life" outside of a crate or barn or cage!!!!!
I am telling you---there are sooooo many homeless animals---so why do they want so many dollars for them---I personally don't get it-
I mean--if we where to put some money at a Vet's for future visits--
and I know you have to donate some money to the shelter so they can keep rescuing
the dogs and pups--but I do believe they are asking too much!!!!
Ok--I am off my soap box now!!!!!

Going back to Quilting--I know how to do that!!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. Hmmmmm-I think you could blow through some belts on any machine you had. With all the creating you do. You could make a pet!!! Hee hee--don't stress, you will find your pet mate when you stop worrying about it. L,A-

  2. We bought our dog from a rescue place three years ago. I couldn't believe when we had to pay $250 for her. You used to be able to walk into a shelter and pick out a dog for $75. Prices everywhere have gone way up. I'm starting to feel really old because I keep saying "I remember when..." LOL.

    At least a bird wouldn't need to be walked, right? Personally, I am not a bird person. I have always had a soft spot for cats but between my allergies and asthma they are no longer an option.

    You'll find the perfect pet. Just keep looking and don't buy on impulse. Hubby and the kids were bugging me for a long time about getting another dog. It took me the better part of a year to find our little Suzi.


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