Monday, October 25, 2010


OK--Mom said I had to come out from my hiding place--
and write this post tonight---
SO--here goes--

Yesterday -- Carol, Little sister, and Mom went to the garage and was able to crate 
up my two sisters, Meme and Emma--
they then drove them to a neighbors of Carol's to transfer them to a bigger cage for a couple days--they got Meme in ok--but that sister of mine, Emma, out smarted them--she is faster than lightning that one and she managed to fly out of the cage before they could get the big door shut--and she was off and running!!!  so I am not sure where Emma is tonight--at first we thought we was back in the old garage--but now know it wasn't her--but Carol says lots of people in her neighborhood put food out everyday for the strays and homeless cats-so she is sure she will find food and shelter--and we will keep looking for her!!!!  So Mom has been upset over this--
But today Little sister and Mom went to Walmart on the bus early--
they had lunch at McDonalds--they get Happy meals--and today they put them in cute plastic Halloween buckets!!!  When they went to get a wagon to go on and do some shopping--one lady asked Mom about the cute bucket--and mom gave it to her for her granddaughter and then Little sister seen a little girl and gave her her bucket!!!!
Wasn't that "nice" of them!!!????

At Walmart Mom got some me some things--
first she got me---
2 nice china bowls for my "wet" food--
Last week she got me this set--
And 2 more of the metal bowls--and they work great for the water and the dry food--
but not for the wet!!!
Then she decided that she wanted to get me a better kitten food--
so for the dry she got me --this----
as it listed NO food colorings--Mom is a very ANTI FOOD COLORING person--
for herself and me!!!!
she also food that this brand of wet food started with "REAL" meat and not a by-product--what ever that means--
So here I am--
doing a "taste test" of the wet stuff in my new blue bowl--

Now Mom pretty much spent the week end reading--
when she wasn't caging, chasing, or feeding a cat!!!!!!!!!!!!

she said this was a good book!!!

She is also been ordering some decorating books on Amazon--
two out of the four she ordered has come in--
three of these where only 1 cent (plus the postage of $3.99--)
and the 4th one was $1.85!!!!
Now as for sewing or quilting--
(and between you and me--I think this is "why" she is making me do this post--
she has not really done anything for three days--)
she keeps "blaming" it on "us" innocent kittens??????

Well--I hope you all had a "PURR--FECT" day!!!
Be good and give a 'kitty' a hug today!!!!
Just Hugs and Smiles and Purrs,  Di and Gracie


  1. My Gracie, what a long tail you have! You mom sure is spoiling you. I hope you two are able to live together for a very long time.

  2. Gracie sure does have a long tail. Love the blue kitty bowl. I might need one of those just because :)

    I've always liked Whiskas cat food. Nice to hear they don't have food coloring and actually have real meats in them.

  3. Sounds like you have settled into your new home very well Fracie and you and Mum are very happy together.
    Aunty and Mum did do some nice shopping for you too.
    Hope they have caught Emma now so Mum does not worry anymore over her.
    You did have a long TALE to tell Gracie.LOL

  4. As long as Mom is spoiling you, she is using her time wisely. Sitting and reading makes it handy for you to get some lovin'.

  5. Looks like Gracie is going to do just fine. I put a picture of the little quilt you made with my stitchery on my blog. I hope you don't mind. You did such a nice job with it! I just wanted to share!! Hugs Ariane

  6. Gracie you are a cutie!

    Your post is delightfully purrrrfect! Hugs, Carolyn


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