Monday, October 4, 2010


Actually it is late on a Monday evening--
and I have a confusion to make--
I took NO photos today--
and I can now think of a couple things that I could of taken pictures of!!!

For some reason--one only thinks of "finishes" for picture taken--
and I did not really have those today--
when one has no pictures --
what does one blog about????

AHHHHH--the weather--
well--it was cloudy and bit rainy--and "cool"--
summer's gone!!!!

I did do some stitching on last months Brutus block--
and I did get another baby hat knitted for the hospital--

and little sister and I went to Walmart--
the only really exciting thing we got --
and little sister found them--
was a nice "lunch" bag with zippers and pockets for only a dollar--
and I got a bag of tiny stones for weigh in my snowmen--now I still need the stuffing before I can continue them!!!!
Oh and don't forget -- I did get 12 more chocolate bars and some much needed toilet paper!!!!!!

Then we all had to go to a meeting downstairs in the Community room--
and nearly all 48 residents were there--first time!!!!!

And then now here I am--

But it is time for me to get to my chair and really get some work done--
as time really is "flying" these days--
So be good and stay "busy" on those stitching gifty things we all plan to make for Christmas gifts!!!!
Hugs, Di
PS little sister and I learned today that the Momma cat has an infection of some sorts--
they are using heat pads on it--so please pray for her!!!


  1. Poor Momma cat! I hope she feels better soon. Love your colourful blog and you are quite right about feeling you need a 'finish' before you can blog. I also feel that way so sometimes days go by and no blog.

  2. If you've got chocolate and toilet paper, you've got all the important things! Have fun sewing.

  3. buying chocolate = a perfect day provided you take the time to sample some. lol
    Poor moomma cat,thinking good thoughts of her.
    hugs, Faye

  4. You got the most important things accomplished--chocolate and toilet paper. Can't function well without either. Hope momma cat gets better really soon! L,A-

  5. Oh, I hope the kitty is ok! Love today's graphics. How's that chocolate??

  6. The time really is going by so fast!
    Oh I hope mama kitty will be ok. Poor little thing!
    xx, shell


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