Friday, October 1, 2010


I did get one more finish done for September--
The Fruit of the Spirit block---

Today started off --
Early for me--
a girl friend picked and Little sister up--
and we went to a Church sale--
got me some new treasures--
Cute birdcage with dusty-ratty silk flowers in it!!!!
A puzzle -- that will probably be a 'puzzle' when I try to put it together!!!
4-cute new "cat" items!!!!
some little 'what nots'!!!!!
A country angel and a cute bunny!!!
some 'new'--'old' linen towels and the one on the top is more of a table cloth size!!
An beautiful old crocheted apron!!!!
old embroidered linens!!!
another linen towel and a crocheted doily!!!
couple more crocheted doilies!!!

And from the "free" box--this iron stone tea pot--
A very dirty ironstone teapot---

But she cleaned up nicely--
and I just love her--
age spots and cracks--
she reminds me of me!!!!!!!!

Then off to the Library--

This stack should keep me out of 'trouble' for a little while??????

Then to a sale at a store for these--
They were 89 cents a package--Little sister got 4 packs also!!!

then had a bite of lunch--
and the second girl friend shows up
and we go to Penn Yan sewing service to pick up my "baby"--
my little singer was in for a cleaning and new belt--
she cost me a bunch to get her back--!!!!!???
we also stopped at a quilt shop--
and these came home--
Now the red brick one -- I have been looking for--
have been collecting the "barn" bom's--
but then I also found some to go with the bricks --
to make some of the little quilt blocks for each barn!!!
at least that sounds like a good reason to buy them!!!

Hugs Di


  1. Lots of new goodies :)

    One question though...what is the spoon with the twisty wires in the middle used for normally? And do you plan on using it that way or do you have some wild idea for it?

  2. Oh my - I would have gone crazy with all those lovely linens. That apron is wonderful!! I'm planning to stop at an antique market tomorrow, and I only hope I can find something one tenth as nice as what you got.

  3. Oh i just love the fabrics.Any excuse is acceptable to buy. What a find that bird cage is. you are one great shopper!!

  4. You had lots and lots of fun today. You really are the super shopper!!!What are your weekend plans? More shopping???? Have fun whatever it is! L,A-

  5. Wow! What a great haul of treasures. Love the linens and the bird cage. And the apron is just gorgeous.

  6. You have found quite a few treasures!
    The fabrics are lovely. Have a fun weekend!

  7. Goodness you made a great day of it for sure!!! Loads of fun things!!
    Have fun playing putting it all in your home!


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