Friday, October 8, 2010


that sums up my day!!!!
what did you do today?????

Started my day off with this picture out my window--
Loved the way the sun was shinning on it--

Then a girl friend picked me up and we went to Staples in Elmira--
and I got these for my printer--
had two vouchers for turning the old ink cartilages--
one for $21.00 and one for $12.00--

Then went in Micheals --

needed a bag of stuffing for the snowmen I am knitting--
hey when did the price go so high on this--was $4.99 for the bag!!!
And would you believe that great big store and this is all I bought!!!

then she ran me to Walmart for some groceries--
Now I have a story to tell you--
about MEN--
I "used" to just LOVE this guy--
He is the man who makes this--
Remember--my mostest "favorite" chocolate in all the world--
Well--if you will look at the top box you will a red banner--
it says--New recipe!!!
Well--they have just added more SUGAR to the recipe and less dark chocolate--
and I am mad--mad--mad!!!
I do not like it at all---
So--today--I came home with these to try--
The Ghirardelli is be more like the "old" Lindlt chocloate--
just not as smooth--but is 18 cents less a bar!!!!
the organic one is $3.00 a bar--soooo?????

Was at home for awhile --
when Little sister came and needed to walk over to the bank
it was a 'beautiful' day here--so off we went!!
got this cute pumpkin and berry ring--
At the Country shoppe--
The pumpkin is made out of yo-yo's--cute!!!

this came--
They are going into my Christmas box!!!

Last night I did finish a book--
I actually got this one over in the teen section of the Library--
sometimes I can find some neat reading there--
and this one a delightful book!!!!

And I did get some work done today--
First I got this block done--

another Shabby Rose block from last year--
again this one is alittle different in the fact the one Jenny did had two rings at the top--like wedding rings--that did not fit me--so I just did some of the roses!!!!
Only '3' more blocks to go--the next one is prepped!!!

Then I finished this one--
I had it done --
except for the 5 red berries--!!!!!

So you can see I had a busy day---
here is one more picture for today--
we seen this on the way home from overtown today--
(or happy Spring!!!)
Hugs, Di


  1. I spent the day sitting on my butt working on the computer. Your day looks like more fun!

    Your new pumpkin is adorable. Love the look of yo-yos.

    I like to look in the teen section of the library also. Sometimes you can find some fun books there.

    What a cute witch!

  2. I am just amazed at the appliqued "holly." So tiny!!! Of course the rest of it is impressive too, but the word is so little. Love the pumpkin tii--very cute. L,A-

  3. What a fun idea...pumpkins from yoyo's. I would never have thought of doing that. Also, like your last picture of the witch on the post. All in all, sounds like you had a very profitable day. Nola


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