Monday, October 11, 2010


It was a good day to sew--
But I was good first--
as it was also nice outside again --
at least this morning was!!!

did two little "trips" first--
one was to check on the Kittens--
the lady, Marie, who usually does it is sick--
so I went over with a can of tuna--but really did not have alot of luck--
First the landlord there has rented the upstairs apt-
( has been empty all summer)
and this New guy says he wants the kittens out of the garage!!!
well today while I was there -- I got to see and talk to the actual landlord--
and he gave us permission to keep working with the kittens and the kittens will stay!!!
but I feel so bad for them--as there is soo much new things happening there and so many strange people around and alot of noise!!!

Then I walked over to the Yarn shop--
was looking for a yarn to use on the man snowman--
but ---the Yarn shop is moving--and what I wanted is already moved over to the new store--so can't get it till next week--that's ok--I can wait on work on the lady one!!!!

then I came home and went to the sewing machine and spent the afternoon working on the plaid quilt top--
Yep--I do think I will do it as a quilt instead of small wall hangings--
I have so much now for the walls--
and I do picture this hanging over a cupboard door--
when done--
I got three sets of the 4 blocks sewed together and they are going down the center here--then on each side is 6 more blocks (12) going along each side--
this comes out to about 31" by 48"--soooo
I am thinking that maybe I need to do one more row of 6 blocks to make it more square!!!
Now remember that  in the center of each set--
where the beige fabrics come together I have applique to do---
Birds---I love birds!!!!!
and I do have lots of fabric left to make more blocks---
so what do you all think???????

Opps--think it is storming out--so I am outta here--
Hugs, Di


  1. I love your plaid quilt! What fabric is that? I haven't seen a lot of paids out there.

  2. It is looking really good. Can't wait to see it with the birds. Can you please send me some of your nice fall weather.

  3. The plaid quilt is going to be gorgeous. Hope the kitties will adjust.

  4. The plaid quilt is looking very nice. The birds will be adorable in the center.

  5. Hello, I think your plaid quilt is coming along very well! It's going to be darling when done. I would go ahead and make another row, it will great!

  6. Hi sweets!
    Love the quilt and can't wait to see it with the birds.
    I do hope those poor little kitties will be ok. Makes me so sad.
    xx, shell

  7. Plaids are so warm and wonderful. That's a terrific quilt. I also heart birds.


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