Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I know that I was "busy" yesterday--
but not sure at what?????
So I guess it was just one of those days???

Anne came in the morning--
we did not quilt though!!!
we did some shopping--
for things like 'chocolate bars'!!!
and yes I did find "4" of the "old" recipe!!! Yes!!!

Then we went out to lunch--
we love the grilled cheese sandwiches at this one cafe--
so every so often we go-- I had a cup of soup and a half grilled cheese--
Anne had a whole grilled cheese---

and I got some cat food for the kitties--
and did go over and feed them--
they were sooo hungry--!!

I spent the evening reading--

some Country Magazines and my "dog" book--
the dog book is really interesting and I am learning alot about "puppies"!!
Puppies are definitely more work I think--mainly cause of the "potty" thingy!!!
But for the size  dog I want-- it should be alittle easier--but we will see!!!

Now it's Wednesday--
let's see-- :what did I do today--hummmm?????

Oh I got some applique done--
and a little bit ago I got this block finished--
(except for the one dot--still need to stitch that on!!)

I did laundry--
can you believe this picture??????
Both of Di's laundry baskets are empty--
she doesn't even have any "extras" to do--
good for her!!!

Also been working on this this week--
This basket was "full" of patterns and articles that I have saved--
decided it was time to resort them and maybe even file them better???
Course that is asking alot!!!!

Oh and John the Maintenance guy--came by and took my a/c out of the window--
must of decided that Fall really is here!!!
I love my A/C in the summer--but am always glad to get the window and sunlight back in the fall and winter!!!!!

I went over this morning around 10:30 to feed them--
and they were actually out from hiding--
and boy did they come when I fed them--
all four--
and the black one (Ace) he was right there this time--
he is usually the last one to come--
and --are you ready for this--
and he let me "pet" him--alot--
as long as he was eating anyways--
the others came up to me feet and around me--but boy--
they know when you plan to pet them and they run--
but one of them was "purring' today too--
I am soooo happy--now we just need 4 homes for them?????

Well that's the news report for now--
take care and keep stitching--
and enjoy your Fall or Spring where ever you are!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. I waited up for you last night, but finally had to give in and go to bed. In addition to our 3 kitties, hubby started feeding a stray outside, and now there are three strays eating on our front porch. Tux, Tabby, and Little Gray. I wish we could have more, but 3 is plenty for indoors!

  2. Hi Di, just looking around wondered where you wre and Voila here you are!! Oh I hope you can find nice homes for the kitties. Sounds like they really need love. you've been busy as usual,your stitching looks beautiful.
    Tomorrows my day for laudry.Ugh!! it smells so nice when it comes in from the clothes line. Night night.

  3. Oh I loved hearing that someone else has days like this! Sounds like you are a pretty busy bee though. I guess we all have those "where did they go" days. I love your blog.

  4. Still am amazed with those tiny little words. OH my--that would just terrify me. They look great! I bet the kitties are getting so cute. Pet them for me.

  5. Looks like you have been doing some purging. Great job! My pattern basket is overflowing but I don't have the ambition to tackle it right now.


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