Thursday, October 21, 2010


Inside of these packages are "homeless" kittens--
Kitten #1 is Male--
he is all black--except for one white circle the size of a quarter under his chin--
he is loveable--

 Kitten #2 is a Female--
she is a tortoise with a little light creamy yellow spot on one side of her chin and one yellow foot--she is very loveable and loves to purr!!

Kitten #3 is a Female--
she is a dark calico with a dot of orange in the center of her head between her ears--
and the some black--then starts a orange streak down her forehead to her nose--
she is loveable and likes to purr!!

Kitten #4 is a Female--
she is also a dark calico with a nice orange streak down her face to her nose--
she is just now--after today--loveable and purring--but seems to like to be alone-
like no other cats--but I bet out of all of them she will be the most loving!!

So which one would you pick???????

Hugs, Di


  1. What a decision!! They all sound so sweet. I have a soft spot for black cats though. :-) Then again shy little kitties can be so loving. I love tortoise/calico cats too. Oh heck I'd take 'em all!!

  2. Tortoiseshells are my favorite! But I love ALL kitties, so I'd have a hard time deciding. Maybe the kittie will pick you, instead of the other way around.

  3. lol...choose them all! Okay, number 4; the most aloof kitty will be the most loveable kitty and most playful...and the most understanding! I love cats!


  4. I'd pick #3...or 2...or 1...or 4. Hmmmm

  5. They all sound adorable so I am pleased I do not have to choose.

    Maybe one will choose you.

  6. my choise is number 4 . I love she is loveable and purring)))

  7. Hmmmmmm.......I think I would take #3 & #4. I think it is nice to have 2 kittens, they keep each other busy. ;)

    Are you keeping one?

  8. The big question is: Are you going to pick and keep one Di?

  9. Sorry your allergies prevent you from keeping one. I love the sound of three and four.Don't think the house would allow 2 dogs and cat.
    good luck with finding homes.They sound purrfect for a cat lover.


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