Monday, November 29, 2010

AM I DONE -- YET?????

I wanna sew---
this decorating is for the "birds"--
too much time, energy, thought (brain taxing for sure)
and mess!!!!

Here goes for what I have done for now--
I have just loved this chair since I carried it home--it really is alot of fun to decorate!!
see I can get "floral" crafty too--lil sister!!!!
that is that chipped "free" stoneware teapot from the free box at the church sale!!!
this is my Christmas hankie collections--wait til lil sister sees this display???
we did this quilt last year as a bom--it is hung behind my chair--
my black desk table--
this stocking and Angel I have had now for about 15 years--
I knew the lady that made them and she used old fabrics!!
this a new plate this year from the country shop--

this is what I ended up doing with what plants I have left--
and yes that is a "glitzy" tree in the background and yes that is also new this year from the Country shop--got it before I got on this --Di is not "glitzy" kick!!!!
lil sister did do this display on the stool--
the stool had been in the bathroom--
but I wanted to put a different one in there--
so she put it here--
when I got done today I still had some baskets left over--
I love baskets--
so I put a Christmas cloth in this old suitcase and filled it up with the baskets and have it under the wood table--
wonder how long before Gracie 'adds her decorating touch' to it?????
I also got my winter clothes out and hung and sorted--
so am ready--and by the looks of the rest of this week's weather I just might need them before all is said and done!!!!!
Sewing--what's that?????
I do hope that I can do that tomorrow---
I have gotten nearly all the applique done on the Christmas quilt blocks--
but I need to press the blocks then will show you them--
so hope you are busy doing your "Christmasy things"---

Hugs, Di and kitty kisses from Gracie!!


  1. Everything looks so pretty Di and Gracie! Cozy, comfy and oh so festive!
    xx, shell

  2. Love the way you have decorated you home.
    Has Gracie found the suitcase yet????

  3. All your decorating is making me tired lol. It looks great though!

  4. Looks so warm and cozy very inviting! Our Cocoa would claim the suitcase.;-)


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