Sunday, November 28, 2010


It has been a couple "funny" days here--
with trying to do the holiday decorating--
yet at the same time asking myself what my "true" look is????
Today -- again-- I would get something all decorated--
then step back and would say--
that is not really me--
I want much more "simple" and more country!!!

After a second redo on my cabinet--
This is what I found I liked--
the first time I had lots of things--mostly gingerbread things all over this cabinet--
things hanging from the doors--towels hanging off the shelves--and more things on the shelves--now I did do that last year--but this year--I want to decorate--just want 'SIMPLE' and then less to make it simple--and not real glitz--

Remember this --
tree on the dresser from yesterday--
well it's gone to a new home--
it walked to lil sisters--it just was not me--
at least not this year!!!!
I do have a "plan" for finishing this dresser top--
so stay tuned for further developments!!!!

I also got another baby hat knitted today--
the blue one--so have two ready to go now--
also started another one and this evening I did a "no-no"--
sorry 'Sunny' had to break my Sunday rule of not doing laundry on Sundays!!!
they will be working in that hall way tomorrow morning early with the padding and new carpet--so I needed to go down tonight and get the it done--I can now go for at least 10 days before I have to wear the "birthday suit" and do laundry!!!!!!

So therefore even though I did work on the Christmas decorating and had really--really wanted to be finished by tonight---it didn't happen--
there is tomorrow!!!!!

Be good and have a great Monday everyone!!!
Is the turkey all gone??????
Hugs, Di and on my lap is a sleeping Gracie!!!!!


  1. I like the way your decorating turned out! Sometimes simple is best.

  2. I keep saying there is almost a month left--almost a month left.
    Only a month left.
    Your decor is pretty.
    Mine is sitting in tubs.
    Did I mention--Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  3. Because of the move, my decorating is going to be really simple this year!
    Does Gracie like the new "toys" you are putting out for her?

  4. I like simple and clean. It allows you to see everything and enjoy it.

    I wish I could go 10 days between laundry. I have two uniforms for work so I am always doing laundry. It is easier for me though since I only have to walk out to the garage.

  5. All looks good to me! Think by the time I get to mine it will be 'simply' not much! haha!


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