Saturday, November 27, 2010


The turkey is history--all the pies are gone--the guests have left--
so now I---
it is really time to get with the program!!!!!!
we have only about "27" days to do 127 days worth of work and preparation!!!
and some of us are even more behind---so if you don't want this month to look like this at the end--
One big "blurr" of what happened to December--
I think we need to stay up all night for the next two weeks and work around the clock--then we can sit back and enjoy the last two weeks of Christmas---
that is if "we" can keep our eyes open!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a nice Thanksgiving--
we got the free turkey dinner from a Church, again it was enough that I ate half of it for lunch--enjoyed the pumpkin pie -- mid afternoon--
then heated up the leftover dinner for my supper--so was a "turkey" day with leftovers and no clean up--yea for me!!!!

Since Thanksgiving day I have been into the Christmas decorations and doing some decorating-
Now a story about a Red Christmas tree!!!
remember last year when my friend Mary, had a blue and white tree and I had to do the same????
Well--I have always wanted a red and white tree--so after Christmas I picked up a lot of pretty glitter ornaments on clearance-- and even found the red lights with the white wires for the tree a couple weeks ago--
Here is the tree--
this is between the bedroom doorway and the bathroom doorway--
Oh --soooo pretty---and the wall hanging is one I did last year too from blog land!!
WELL---the tree is not there any more--
and NO Gracie is not the one at fault here---
I am--
I just kept "feeling" that this tree with all it's glitter is not me--
OH yes it is pretty--but I just kept feeling I was to pack it up and take it to the Cat thrift store for them to sell or whatever--even when I got up this morning--so I did it!!!
Call me "crazy" but-----
I had a long talk at myself yesterday and as I was going through the ornaments and sorting them out--of which I did also take a tote full of Christmas things to the Thrift store too--I realized just what Christmas is to me---
I am just an "old-fashioned" gal and to me Christmas is a "memory" remembering time--the tree needs to be green--whether fake or real--and the things on it should hold some kind of memory or story or adventure---and the tree should be holding your Christmas collections--where its small bears, mittens, angels, old balls--what ever---now you can do theme trees with these--or mix them all up on one tree---but this is what Christmas is to me---
With keeping that in mind==PLUS one new kitten in the house--
'Di' got out her set of three primitive trees and put them up on a table and added lights--

and lil sister helped me hang up this quilt--I made this one two years ago--but have not had it hung up to enjoy before--the brown is a wood trellis that I use to decorate with at times--lil sister says it looks like we are looking through a window at the quilt scene!!!!
I did not get to do any more actual Christmas decorating today--But I did get my hair cut and boy was that something that needed to be done!!!
then I decided to start in the bedroom and finish what I had started in there in the way of organizing and decorating--
and here is some of the pictures of the new "room"!!!!
Here is the new dresser that I got and on top of it I do have a fancy tree thingy--and I did get some "frosted" lights with white wires at the Country shop for it--the lace on the bottom of the dresser was there when I bought the dresser--I still have one more small project to do for the top of the dresser--otherwise it is done--oh and I have to find something for the window frame squares???
Then lil sister and I came up with this idea for my stencils--
remember how they hung from "nails" all over the wall--
Well I got a nice round curtain rod and the rings with clips on them--
and now I hang the stencil sets from them--I can slid these up or down the rod--and can get more rings to add more stuff--oh I like that idea--more stuff!!!
then here is the new ironing board and Gracies bed at night--she loves to sleep here--as she can keep on eye on when I get up to go "potty" and she can get some more loving from me!!!!
the old cabinet on the next wall--with my dolls on top--books on shelves with my pin cushion collection--
Quilts that have been quilted and quilts that need to be quilted on the bottom two shelves!!!
And the corner area--there is a metal shelf here and it holds odds and ends and Miss Bear is keeping it all tacked down--so no peeking as this is where I have also hidden some of the "gifts"!!!!!
Have I been sewing--
Yes I have been doing some hand work--
tomorrow maybe I will have pictures--
so be sure to tune in for more on this subject!!!!!

Bye for now--Hugs, Di and purrs from Gracie!!!!


  1. Everything looks so nice.
    You really have been a busy little bee. Love the wall hangings. It is nice to get everything hung up.
    Don't wear yourself out too fast.

  2. You have been a busy bee! I love that quilt hanging next to those 3 trees!

  3. Everything looking nice. I tried decorating the tree (green) with white and silver one year - wasn't right, had to mix in some other colours to make it "cosy".

  4. A lot of action going on and its all looking so good! Your stitchery hanging and the quilt hanging are both lovely. I hope you can keep Gracie away from dingle-dangle decorations :-)

  5. I love the green trees instead of the white one. I've never been a big fan of those type of trees. I do like theme trees though. I've always loved all blue ornaments and lights.

    I love the way the "new room" looks. Very charming.

    Great idea about the stencils. I have seen where some bloggers have really long versions where they hang their wall hangings around their studios.


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