Thursday, November 18, 2010


 I have found the neat "recycle" idea for the gold foil
that my chocolate bars comes in!!!!
Take the foil in hand and--
crunch it up into a neat tight ball--
then throw it at a kitten--
they love them!!!!

In other news---
the kitten stitchery from yesterday--
Here is the back side--
and there is something "funny" here--
again I "seemed" to have forgotten to "check" the direction of the fabric!!!!
and when this side is right side up--
the kittens are upside down--when the kittens on the front are right side up--
the birds are upside down--poor dizzy birds!!!!
I got this kitten pattern from a "Handmade" issue of AU magazine--
the pattern is by Lesley Purdon--and from what research I could find on her--she has done other cat patterns--I found two other titles --but no pictures or links--
and they are "Wash House cats" and gingham wishes--
does any one know any more about Lesley or these patterns---????

And here is the back of the Thanksgiving stitchery--
I love this print and it just did not work on any projects for 2 falls now--but I love it on this pillow---See yesterdays post for the fronts!!!!
It really was not a very "productive" day today--
first Little sister and I took the bus to Wal mart for a short trip--only we missed it again--
so had to "window" shop for an hour for the next one!!!

Then I did start the applique on the snowflake block for the Christmas quilt--
I am going to put the Cardinal block on the back "burner" for now--while I do the last two blocks and maybe something will "connect" for the pine branches!!!?????

Then I did do some rotary cutting to prepare to sew 6 more blocks of the homespun quilt I am working on--
and did tracing for two items of red work and started one of them--they are both Christmas blocks!!!
And Gracie is differently "playing" around--
here she is practicing her "yoga"!!!!!!

Let's see--we have gotten the Turkey--and maybe you have the stuff for the pies--
now you need stuff for the stuffing--don't forget all those ingredients!!!

Hugs, Di
 and a little "catnip" from Gracie!!!!!
Ps--I have taught her to share!!!!


  1. I'm glad to hear that Gracie is keeping as busy as you are! I can't believe how many projects you can get done.

  2. I really like the cat stitchery. Aren't cats entertaining? They just enjoy the simplest toys best.

  3. Cute little birdie fabric on the back. Like the sunflowers too. You have gotten a lot done.
    Gracie doing that yoga so she'll have room for turkey????


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