Saturday, November 20, 2010


First thing today the refrigerator/freezer was calling my "name"!!!
and they were asking for a good cleaning out--so I am not one to disappoint anyone or anything--I obeyed!!!!  But now  the refrigerator part looks like I only eat cheese and bread!!!!!

then after lunch lil sister and I did do our walk overtown--
she had to go pay a bill--I stopped at the thrift store as they were putting out the Christmas things--
These items came home with me!!
The sleigh is silver--think it will look nice with the new silver tree I got at the Country shop last week end!!!  Loved this "tree"--they had bent the one long tree over to make it fit on the shelf--but we fixed it---I love little trees--and in my "getting rid" of mode last year -- I got rid of some--so now I get to get new and different ones---RIGHT????

this cup is not very large--but I just love it--it does say Brazil on the bottom, too!!!

Then stopped at one of the antique shops and these come home--
I decorate with snowmen "after" Christmas and my color is blue--so when I seen this plate for only a $1 I had to get it==just wished he had had two of them--why you ask--beats me!!!!  and the little plate is just precious--that was $6.00-but it was just "screaming" my name--sooooo!!!!!

then we did stop at the Country shop--
don't know about that shop--
it is really hard to go over town and not stop there!!!
Got these goodies--
I had a $10 credit--so I have wanted the open stars on the chains for my windows for a long time--just seemed something else was always more important--but today it was there turn--I actually got 2 of them and then got the larger star for the center window--
and that little snowman with my favorite word "Believe" had to come home too!

Did I stitch today????
Yep--did get some more done on the applique snowflake block--it is nearly done--and if it hadn't been for a phone call it would of been done--but what can I say!!!!

as tomorrow is Sunday--
we will take a day off on our "shopping" and cooking the Thanksgiving dinner!!!
But here is a Cranberry story for you!!!!
Every year at Thanksgiving my Mom always had that "red" stuff on the table!!!
there was no way I was gonna eat that "stuff"--it just did not look right to me--and I never even took the time to "try" it!!! this went on into even my adult hood!!!!
Well about 10 years ago they came out with the Cranraisins--and I could not get enough of them in my baking (yes I "used" to bake alot!!)
Finally one Thanksgiving it dawned on me that Cranberries might be about the same taste as the cranraisins that I loved!!!!!  What can I say--I am a slow trier--learner--whatever--so please pass the cranberry jelly!!!

Take care get some rest--for this week you shall cook and bake and eat and then you even get to clean up!!!!!!

Hugs, Di and the fur ball--Gracie


  1. I don't know how you fit all your goodies in your apartment. lol

    I love the blue snowmen plate :)

  2. You had a lovely day & lots of pretty treasures found.

    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. A busy day I see - just loved your cranraisin story!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. My favorite is the little "Believe" snowman! If I saw one of those it would definitely come home with me. Sounds like a fun-filled day. Hugs to you and meows to little Gracie.

  5. What beautiful treasures followed you home!!!

  6. Well, you found lots of great things. I saw some of those hanging stars at a shop the other day. Never thought to hang them in my window (don't know what I thought the chain was for?). I may have to go back and get some for the front windows.


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