Saturday, December 4, 2010


lil sister brought over a new toy for miss gracie--
Ok Aunt Barbie--what is it?????
What am I suppose to do with it---????
Well--I guess I can stand inside it????
What did you say is in here????
Ahhhh--I see it--it is a pretty blue ball--
this one is different that my orange one--
so when I am tired of it-- I can play with this one--yes!!!!!
Thanks Aunt Barbie and Morris!!!
Oh and those are not 'white' legs--that is where they shaved my legs at Cornell for my surgery--
Wanna see my tummy????
Mom thinks they were learning how to "shear" sheep instead of getting my tummy ready for a little surgery---I know one thing I sure wished my 'hair' would hurry up and grow back in--Mom read me the temperature stats for next week--it's gonna be bitter cold here---anybody got an extra doggie coat I can borrow!?????

Oh in the picture of me above--
I am showing you Mom's finish --
on her quilt--see the pretty flowers and pinecones in the lower right hand corner????
she decided that the upper left corner was plenty busy as it is--so she is done with this one until time to quilt it--Yes--I have my back to you---showing you my naked tummy was embarrassing!!!!!

Today Mom mostly worked on making some Christmas gifts--

See her 'messy' work area by her stitching chair--
Well--that's all for tonight--
but don't forget  both of the "stocking" giveaways are still open--
so read down on the last two posts and be sure and leave me or Mom a comment--
we wanna hear from you!!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. I've seen those round toys in the stores and always wondered if the cats actually played with them. Looks like Gracie likes it though.

  2. What a great gift! But you're going to own so many toys that Santa won't know what to bring you.

  3. Looks like Gracie likes her new toy and her new quilt. Not sure you are going to get it back long enough to quilt it. It really is gorgeous. OK, so are you Gracie.

  4. Lucky Gracie! And Mum is very clever at maling beautiful tvinge.

  5. Your work area is much neater than mine!!! My sewing room has exploded into the kitchen now... :( Oh well.. as long as I can sew :)

  6. Gracie is doing a fine job of showing off your latest quilt, Di. Her new toy looks like its lots of fun!

  7. Love your quilt... it's really gorgeous. My two cats would love that toy... maybe then they'd stop playing with the Christmas decorations on the tree!!!


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