Monday, December 13, 2010


It is cold out and getting colder by the hour--
right now the temp here in NY is 12 degrees and 
sliding down hill by the hour!!!!

So Miss Gracie wants you to invite all the outside "pets" inside tonight--
they need a warm place to sleep toooooo!!!!!!

As for Miss gracie--she went for a ride in her "pink caddy" today--
she had go see a really nice Vet!!!
(not that she was happy about it--she kept telling me she wanted to stay home and play with all her toys!!)  but her Mommy insisted---cause miss gracie had a "potty" issue--oh--she is very very good about using the litter box--but when she does do her "business" she could knock the socks of a dead man---any body got some clothespins for the nose!!!????  And of course the Vet has some "magic" pills and liquid meds for her--we got one dose of the liquid down tonight--but-----???????

Then Mom took her big bundle of packages to the post office--
and hopefully she is done with the mailing--though Mom usually ends up thinking of someone else she needs to send a package tooooo!!!!!

so some of you need to send someone out to watch and guard your mail boxes!!!!

I got a package in the mail today--
last week or so I discovered a new company on the Internet--
and really liked some of there things so I put an order in--
got these two patterns--and hey look they are not quilts!!!!
then I ordered some colors of wool--
One color is on backorder--but love these colors--
then -- yes---I did order some fabric--
I loved the color blue on this bear--
and yes--I probably had something that would of worked--
but I seen this and it just "popped" it's order number on the --add to cart list!!!!
Then I found this fabric--
It is reproduction cotton prints of the civil war coverlet fabrics--
Oh my and they are lovely--they had some more and I will be ordering some more prints--these will be great for some of the doll quilts I am "hoping" to work on after the  holidays--the name of the store is Country stitches--and is in Storm Lake, IA

Well that's it for tonight bloggy friends--
I pray everyone will be safe, warm, and busy this week--
Hugs, Di and "stinky" miss gracie!!!!!


  1. My critters are all warm and cozy. And....they got a stocking full of new toys today! I'll be posting pictures later of Zoe trying to get the stocking open. I finally helped her, and she's already lost 2 catnip mice. I'll have to look under the furniture. Chloe joined in the fun for awhile. They say Meow!!!!

  2. LOL, they have medication for that?! My boys can use some right this minute as a matter of fact! I love those Civil War prints, those will make a great quilt!

  3. Little Miss Gracie makes big stinkies, huh? I hope her "issue" gets cleared up soon! I had a cat who we dubbed "smelly cat" just for that reason! Whew! She was a cutie though. Anyway I love all your goodies, and try to stay warm! We're hunkering down up north too!

  4. It's cold all the way down here in Florida too. Right now it is 39 degrees. That is very cold for us. My Daughter said it was 12 degrees this morning in South Carolina. Brrrr...

  5. Freezing our toasties off in MD, lmty! Miss Gracie has great advice for her pet friends ... our pets have gone to the great dog-patch!

    Christmas hugs & wishes ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. Your header is so nice,lovely quilt up there,and I like your Christmas sides!
    Happy Quilting to you in this cold weather. -15 under 0 on Celcius here at the moment,keep all creatures with 4 small legs inside:-)

  7. Yes, it's cold here too. And Raining! I have some little sweaters for my doggies and they might want to wear them for the next couple days. (Oh they are nice and warm because they sleep in the house, under the covers of the beds.)


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