Tuesday, December 28, 2010


there has been some "crazy" weather around lately--
so please don't forget the birds and animals that have been caught off guard too--
and with all our heads in the clouds over Christmas--we may have "forgotten" to refill the dishes--so get to it---Thanks!!!

Tuesday--Anne's day--
she has been fighting a small cold--so she mainly sat and visited--
I did do alittle-- and I mean a little hand quilting on the Christmas card holder--
then she took me, lil sister and her mom and we all went out to lunch---was really nice and we had a nice time!!!
Then the trouble began---
Lil sister and I decided we had better get ourselves up to the Country shop for there sale--they close on Thursday this week until 1st of April---3 whole months--OUCH!!!!
Here is my Loot--
Now here I was a good girl--this necklace is a birthday gift in January!!!
Still good--Christmas cards for next year---
But now------
these things--
3 country tin stars--a candle ring--
a spare set of candle light bulbs--
and see the glass pinecone--got 3 of those--
will be using them with my snowmen soon--
Got me another wood painted plate for my snowmen decorating--
Now everything today was on sale--some as much as 40% off--
like the plate and pine cones and stars!!!
and I did put some things back---tooo---
and at first lil sister said I should get the pincones that are much cheaper at Wally world--but I reminded her they were "glittery" big time--and that I thought these pinecones went better with my plate--she agreed--smart girl!!!!!!

Now I have realized that ever since this ---
new house mate came to live with me--
I seem to be finding all kinds of mice around here!!!
Today this one showed up--
found her just a sittin on the back of this plate --just as pretty as you please!!!!
Can you see how she is made---?????
I do wonder who had all the fun eating the "top" cookie to all the "oreo's" they used to make these--the body is a chocolate covered cherry--the head a candy kiss and the ears are almonds---
Now how cute it these?????
Too cute to eat--though???????

Well only 3 more days to 2010!!!!!
Are we all getting our goals listed for next year?????

Have a fun Wednesday--
Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Sounds like a lovely day! You really scored at the country store. I LOVE the snowman plate! And I love Miss Gracie, too.

  2. Brrr,it's cold outside but no snow yet,just buckets of rain!! No,I am NOT complaining.
    Will admit to no goals set as yet. Still pondering...

  3. Oh you made some great purchases!! Love them!!!

  4. I know you love to shop and I think this time it was a very good thing. You have to shop if the store is going to be closed for 3 months, right?

    I have a nice size list of things to work on and change next year. I figure that if the list is very long than I have a good chance of at least crossing some things off lol.

  5. Those mice cookies are SOOO cute! I'm putting them on my list to make next year! Good scores at the country store...sorry they're taking such a long vacation! :-(

  6. I thought you had real mice for a second! You fooled me. So glad it's just a candy mouse - and so cute too! Although I bet Gracie would rather have the catnip kin! Are you doing Patchwork Times' UFO Challenge?

  7. Colorfull and cheerfull pictures, and love the chocolatmice!!
    Happy New Year to you:-)


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