Monday, December 20, 2010


Today's Monday--
all med's for miss gracie are done --
at least for awhile---we are both very "happy" about this!!!!

Lil sister and I had a good laugh today--
we went to Walmart on the 10:11 bus this morning--
and we each only had to pick up a couple things--
so we planned to return on the 10:50 bus---
all went well till I got to the Deli--the little deli guy was slow-----
so Lil sister and I decided that she would go check out and get on the bus and tell them to wait for me--which they are very good about--
I do finally get to a check out and all are busy--but a lady let me go in front of her--
so out the door I went and got on the bus --and --NO-- lil sister--she got stuck in her line--
so I ended up having to have the bus wait for her---we chuckled about this all way home!!!!!

After we got home and I was eating lunch--
lil sister shows up again--
she had seen the mail man and went down for the mail--
and I got a "load" of packages!!!!!
This is how many gifts I had under the trees before mail call--
Can you see that --big- tiny gift there--that was it!!!
But now look--
All of these---4 nice packages came---
OHHHHH--is it Christmas yet??????
Now one I did open--and there was 3 gifts just wrapped in tissue paper--
so I had lil sister look first and if it was an "ornament" I could unwrap it--
Here is what we found--
Three more "mouths" to feed!!!!
are these not the cutest kitten ornaments you have ever seen!!!!??????

Then it was off to the sewing room--
I needed to make a lady a bedspread and pillow cover for her granddaughters new brass doll bed--
I used my pink chenille bedspread leftovers---had just enough to do them--
but now she wants a pillow to go in the pillow cover????
I had to deliver this to the Wags thrift store--
they have their Christmas stuff at 25% off--
so of course lil sister and I had to look around--
it was hard -- seen lots I would like--but-- I was good--
just these two things came home--
two older ornaments--see the 3 acorns on this side of the second one???
the back side is all green leaved!!!! Spent $2.50!!!

Of course now the truth has to come out--
we where also saving our money for a "party" at the Quilt shop!!!
we get there though and the two gals who were working did not know any thing abouta party?????  But they did call the owner and she told them what was to be on sale--
and this is what I came home with--
One yard of each at $3.00 a yard--these all do mix and match too---
Hummmmm what should I make with these??????

Don't you just love this time of the year!!!!

I did some other sewing --
but we will get to that tomorrow -- hopefully!!!
Have a great evening and a great day--
which ever way it is where you are!!!!
Hugs, Di and a happier miss gracie


  1. Oooooooooooo presents!!! I agree Di, it is so much fun to get presents in the mail! Check out my blog tomorrow. ;)
    Hugs to you and Miss Gracie. I'm glad all the meds are done!
    Your friend,

  2. OH i would love to go on a shopping trip with little Sis and you. You always seem to have so much fun plus pick up good bargains.
    that's good Gracie has finished her meds.

  3. Love the kitty ornaments. How cute. Looks like you had a fun shopping trip with little Sis. I hope Gracie doesn't need any more meds.

  4. Oh what fun you had today.
    All kinds of goodies and $3 fabric is certainly a gift.
    Have fun with all your treasures.

  5. Oh Happy Day I'd say - enjoy all of those goodies!


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