Wednesday, December 8, 2010


WHO--turned down the temperatures????
Thought someone said we are in a global warming???
Cause I am sitting here--
like this tonight!!!!
and I am still chilly!!!!
Baby it's cold out there--
time to crawl under a quilt and work on quilting it---
forget these little Christmasy gifts--
there is not enough fabric on these to keep one warm--
I can only hope that whom ever gets these in the mail --
that it will "warm" their hearts!!!!!

I  am worried about some of you--
out there in blog land--
as I have been 'buzzing' around looking at
other's sites and decorating ideas--
I have run across this--
bloggers feeling down and out--
some are feeling like they are holding on by only a thread--
as it is--and now everybody wants them to be in 'holly jolly" mood--
but instead you just feel "blue" and "bluer"---

so sad==unhappy--
and then you feel "guilty"--cause it is the "holly jolly" season--
so shouldn't you feel that way too--
what is wrong with "me" you ask????

Well--there is nothing wrong with you--
it is ok to feel alittle sad at this time of year--
after all it is the "end" of another year--as we also are getting ready to celebrate the end of another year--so many of us without realizing it -- are really looking back at the year of 2010 and seeing that it was a tough year--
and a 'mean' year to alot of us--and for what ever reason we begin to focus on this--
especially if we lost some dear loved ones and they are now not here to share or encourage us this holiday.

And my big question is---
Just because it is Christmas season--
Is there a rule that says one must be jumping for 'joy' every minute--
must one always decorate the whole house--
bake cookies from scratch--
make everyone a homemade gift--
fight the crowds for the right gift at the right price--
entertain--go to every holiday function--
on and on the list goes--
We do have some freedoms in this life--
maybe you need only pick one thing to do this year--
just decorate the tree--and make it into a party with family and friends--
or it could be just having a day of holiday baking---
or have a girl friends shopping day and then go to one of your homes and wrap the gifts and have some snacks and laughs!!!

Ah--Di -- may be it's time to get off this soap box--
not sure where all this came from--????
so even if you are having one of these weeks---
Just remember this is really what it is all about--

and this scene and thought has to bring this--
smile to the heart--
and remember this--
here is blog land is alot of others either to smile with you, cry with you, listen to you, or /and laugh with you
--and if all else fails--go shopping for fabric--

that has to be a 'picker-upper'!!!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. I like your reminders about the season. Good post.

  2. Fa la la la la . . . I'm sorry for the losses you've experienced this year, Di. Just sit back and remember the Reason for the Season!

  3. The hot cocoa and cookies look like they might work for me.
    Oh you reminded me--I haven't made cookies yet!!!! You and Gracie just need to snuggle and be in whatever mood you want to be in.
    Your towels are so cute and you are more organized than anyone I know.

  4. Love ya sweets. I'm grateful for your friendship. While we've had our loses, we have also had gains and I count you as a truly, wonderful and cherished gain in my life.
    xx, shell


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