Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It was a little better today--
got to do some of this---
Had to go to shopping and spread some manure--money around!!!!

as it was Tuesday--it was my friend Anne's day--
we visited for a little while== 
then we went to the Quilt shop as I had gotten an email about her having a sale--
so don't get in our way of a "sale"--or you just might get run over!!!
and of course=="Di" found a couple goodies---
these two fabrics where on a half price table--
I have really liked the teal one at the top and have gotten some of it in the past--
but now I have some for in the future!!!
then I have also loved these birds--and remember last summer I got some of this line with the birds in bird cages--???? got 2 yards of this--why?????? but I just know that some day I will be soooo glad I did!!!!
In her sale room I found this bottom piece of fabric for --
are you ready for this????
for $2.oo a yard--so I got what was left--couple yards of it--
then as I was looking around--
I discovered she had 3 different charm packs on sale--
and do you see which one, one of them was???
as I am flipping though the squares to see what the fabrics where like--
 there is a 5 inch charm of the $2 fabric--sold---two less charm packs to inventory!!!!
guess I got to check out the extra Schnibbles patterns I got last year and see if one will fit this fabric?????
Ahhh and yes Anne walked out with a bag of fabric toooooo!!!!

Now Anne is a doll lady--
she has worked with and collected dolls for years and years--
and she gave me some info on my new dolly--
I did not realize it --but she was hand made--we believe in 1982 as there is a number on the back of the head that says 82--Anne said she is a very well done doll and well worth the $12 I paid--the lady she knew and made alot of clothes for,-- sold her dolls like this one for $200.00 each back then!!!!
the clothes are probably the ones that was made for the doll, too!!!
I think Anne would of liked to have taken her home!!!!!
but she's mine!!!!

After Anne and I had lunch which we also shared with Miss Gracie--
Lil sister and I went over town--
I paid for a couple more cat ads for our little paper for the SPCA--
then stopped at the yarn shop and found a couple yarns I needed for projects
then to the bank for quarters for laundry and then to the Good Grocery for a couple things--and then home!!!  It was about 40 out today and the sun was out--so good day for a little walk!!

then I again spent some time in my sewing chair working on some embroidery pieces--
and I hope I have a couple finishes to show tomorrow--so a watch on this "site" you just never know?????

Hugs, Di and a sleeping miss gracie


  1. OK, looks like you had a very good time running around at the sale. Much better than me sitting around here sick. Can't wait to see what those charm packs turn into.

  2. No wonder that blue/red print went so well with the charm packs. Such a good sale!! I love the birdie fabric too. I need to go shopping with you! Oh wait I'm on a no spending diet. Well, next month maybe.

  3. Oh ,what pretty charm packs,bar harbour-one of my favorite places to visit.
    Great fabric bargains,love the birdie fabric.

  4. You cannot go wrong with any Minick and Simpson fabric, can you? Love those! The bird fabric is adorable, you got some great deals. Maybe I'll dream about your fabric store tonight. LOL


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